Palm Bay: The Lannon Resignation.

As we covered last Friday, Andrew Lannon, the Palm Bay City Attorney, has resigned.

There has been some speculation as to why Lannon resigned. Certainly he had made it clear that he was looking to obtain the position of the Brevard County Attorney after Scott Knox resigned, but that position was filled in house by Eden Bentley in a surprise move last Tuesday.

From what we know, the Lannon resignation had nothing to do with the County position being filled and Lannon not getting the job.

The City of Palm Bay recently received a demand letter and a lawsuit which name Lannon as a direct defendant. (A demand letter is sent prior to an actually lawsuit being filed.)

It is very rare for any attorney to be named in a lawsuit. That applies to both the public and private sectors. The common thing is to name the client as a defendant and not the client’s legal representation. Generally speaking, it is against legal laws and rules to file papers against people who are not or cannot be a party to the suit themselves. We bring this up because as the two suits named Lannon as well as the City of Palm Bay, the plaintiffs must have a good faith cause for naming Lannon in the actual suit. That is not a good thing.

With Lannon named as a defendant, the City sought outside counsel for legal advice on how to proceed.

The outside counsel came in, interviewed people, including the City Council members.

After the interviews were completed, the outside counsel recommended that Lannon resign, which he did.

There has been some speculation that Lannon left to “better himself.” That does not appear to be the case. There is speculation that Lannon resigned like “rats off a sinking ship,” or he was “tired of the corruption” within the City. That too does not appear to be the case.

The only reason that we can find and that makes sense is that Lannon resigned as a practical legal matter.

It may be that the City Council was ready to push Lannon out the door or not renew his contract and there is some basis for that belief, but that is speculation on our part.

We should point out that in the FloridaToday article, everyone is saying the right and professional thing. That’s the polite thing to do, but the fact remains that the City was put in a difficult position because of alleged actions by Lannon, which resulted in the recommendation to resign. Would that recommendation happen if the City were against it and wanted him to stay? We’ll let others make that call.

As it stands now, the City is looking at separation agreements and proposals and then will start a search for a new City Attorney.

P.S. We are not fans of Mr. Lannon as we have documented before. We also will be bringing up another case where Lannon was “outside the box.” We still wish him well in his future endeavors.

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  1. It is my belief Andrew Lannon was the kingpin behind all the corruption in Palm Bay. After the FBI investigation of which I started, Andrew was feeling the heat and was forced out.