Palm Bay: The One That Is Not Getting Much Attention.

We have tried to stay away from commenting on the release of FBI investigative reports concerning the corruption in the City of Palm Bay.

It is not that we are not interested, have not read the reports, or even not gotten angry about what is contained in the reports. We, like most residents are red-eyed, “spittin’ mad” at the contents of the reports and the actions of those in the reports. However, it is clear to us that this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as information and documentation is concerned. That can be proven by looking at the references to the support files listed in the Investigative Report Binder. There are many files that are the basis of the summary reports that have not been provided at this point in time while others have. Most likely this is because the FBI and FDLE as well as the Palm Bay Police Department continue to have ongoing, open investigations of which most citizens are not aware.

(To be fair, we know that there are other things going on, but we won’t say who is looking into what due to people having taken us into their confidence and we never betray that type of confidence.)

Our point is that this mess is not done and there are more files and more things out there that will eventually be released.

Hundreds if not thousands of people have commented on the antics and illegal activities in the reports. We did not feel the need to add our voice to that chorus at this time. However, if true, there is not a single person sitting on the dais in the Palm Bay Council Chambers who should not resign and resign immediately.

It’s easy to focus on the big issues alleged in the reports – the drug use, prostitutes, violations of the Sunshine Law, bribery, extortion, threats, violence, etc.

However there is one incident and one report that is not being talked about much and we think it needs to be.

On page 1 of the Investigative Report Binder, the report describes how the investigation kicked off:

[FBI Special Agent Bridgette] Trela reported that approximately a year and a half ago, a public integrity investigation was initiated by the FBI after obtaining information that Jose G Aguiar (hereinafter Aguiar) was attempting to gain preferential treatment and profit for himself or others through bribery and extortion involving the following Palm Bay officials: City Manager Gregg J. Lynk, Assistant City Manager, David lsnardi, City Planner Stuart Arthur Buchanan, Mayor Guillermo Capote, Deputy Mayor Harry Santiago, Jr, Economic Development Director Andrew Anderson and Council members Jeffrey Alan Bailey, Jr., Calvin Lewis Holton, Ill and Brian Jacob Anderson.

The accusations within the report concerning Mayor Capote include:

  • Capote received kickbacks from Thrifty Grocery
  • Aguiar offered Capote free housing and a car
  • Promise that Capote would steer city health coverage to Christopher Robinson, Aguiar’s associate
  • Misuse of city money by Capote
  • Aguiar controls Capote’s vote

On page 67, of the Investigative Report Binder, serial #33 (report #33) has this troubling information:

On November 13, 2017, FBl SA Andersen and SA Lewis met with Confidential Source (CS). The CS is a real estate developer who reportedly has had frequent contact with members of Palm Bay City government. The 08’s company specializes in developing mixed-use sports complexes, which is how the CS eventually came in contact with Palm Bay Mayor Guillermo Capote. Sometime during October or November of 2015, Mayor Capote and the CS met and discussed bringing a minor league baseball team to Palm Bay. A vacant property at U31 and RJ Conlan Blvd. (former a concrete plant) was selected as a location where a stadium could be built and Mayor Capote informed the CS that he (Mayor Capote) could expedite the process and get the project approved (“Whatever you need, we can push it through).

At the same time, the CS’ company had six additional projects undenway in Palm Bay, which the CS estimated that they had already invested between $300,000 and $400,000 in the projects to this point. The mayor and the CS met on several other occasions, during which they discussed the various projects that CS was involved in. One of the meetings was attended by the mayor, the CS, and attorneys Gabriel McKee and Roy Van Wyk, and another meeting was attended by the CS, the mayor, and Palm Bay City employees James Marshall and Andy Anderson. During the various meetings, the mayor assured the CS that he would be able to obtain the city council’s approval and expedite the process.

The mayor subsequently approached the CS and requested a donation for the Mayor’s Ball in the amount of $150 per person or $1500 per table. The CS informed the mayor that they did not make contributions to organizations they do business with. The mayor appeared displeased by the statement and responded by stating something to the effect, “If you want to do work in this town you need to contribute.” The CS thought the mayor was utilizing his official position to leverage money (“a bribe”) from the CS. (emphasis ours)

We have not seen any mention of this by others who have been focusing on the actions of David Isnardi, Aguair, Holton, Anderson, Bailey, etc.

Yet there is it is for all to see:

The Mayor of the City of Palm Bay, one Guillermo Capote, was engaged in what is commonly called a “pay to play” scheme.

“Give me money and you can do business here.”

The fact that Mayor Capote would not only demand the money but “grease the skids” to get projects approved if he got the money shows not only corruption, but an undue influence on City Departments, planners and procurement.

That’s despicable, morally bankrupt, and illegal.

We aren’t posting this because we are trying to distract from accusations against other people. Far from it. If true, the people who committed the acts should be punished with no exceptions.

However, we do feel that the the acts of the Mayor need to be examined, brought forth, and exposed for all to see.

The reason for this is that Capote is running for the Brevard County Commission Seat for District Five. His opponent for the seat is Kristine Isnardi who is up to her husband’s neck in allegations against his actions.

At this point in time, there is no one, and we mean no one, who is running is worthy of the trust of the people in District 5, which includes the City of Palm Bay. Whether you look at Isnardi or Capote, it is hard not to see the word “corrupt” tattooed on their foreheads.

There needs to be another candidate the people can vote for. Right now, we’d take a manatee and vote for them. At least we know the manatee can’t be bought by special interests. The manatee wouldn’t have its flipper out looking for money. Give it some vegetation and it will be happy. (It would probably understand the issues in the lagoon better too, but we digress.)

Apparently in the large population base in South Brevard, there is not a single, honest person that is willing to run for the District 5 seat on the County Commission.

That’s a shame because we know we’d vote for them.

We think others would too.

No one wants to see corruption that Capote and Isnardi bring to the Commission.

4 Responses to “Palm Bay: The One That Is Not Getting Much Attention.”

  1. Thomas Gaume says:

    Yes please!!! Someone step up and run for that seat. I believe it’s the first time a write in candidate could actually win.

    Does Manny have a twin? We’re kind of in the same situation with State House 53.

  2. Lisa de Brito says:

    Guillermo also has a buried criminal history in Hoboken, NJ as did his friend and mentor, John Mazziotti, former disgraced Mayor of Palm Bay. Someone needs to look into that as well.

    I wish there was an honest candidate for this commission seat too. Think about it, if you were an honest citizen would you run for County Commission? Given the current political climate of dragging anyone into a sound smearing, by powerful PACS of RINO’s, making slanderous robocalls almost assuredly backed by a moneyed crony in State House 53

  3. Bill says:

    There was a lot going on that the HR director had to be involved in. Claire, Is he being looked at ?