Palm Bay: Tonight: City Council To Vote On City Manager Gregg Lynk.

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This ought to be interesting…..

Palm Bay City Councilman Jeff Bailey — a frequent critic of City Hall administration — has called for a resolution to terminate City Manager Gregg Lynk.

The Palm Bay City Council will consider the resolution during a special meeting at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Lynk would be terminated without cause.

“I think that’s the best path for Palm Bay to move forward, just to separate our ways and let him go and let us rebuild,” Bailey said. He declined to comment further before the meeting.

Former Councilman Holton would normally have been a swing vote here, and with him gone that changes the game a lot.

The only thing we would caution is that we don’t know when Lynk’s contract is up for renewal. If the Council fires him now, there could be buyouts in the contract that would not come into play if they simply don’t renew the contract. Yet that all depends on when the contract expires. If it expires at the end of the year, the Council could and perhaps should, just let the contract run out. If it expires 10 months from now, that is a different story as the Council members may not feel the City is not well served under Lynk and won’t do will under his leadership for 10 more months (or whatever it is.)

What we are trying to say is that the contract language may play a role in this as well.

Certainly the cost of a head hunter to replace Lynk is the same no matter the timing, but to be honest, most people aren’t looking to change jobs this time of year and so that may limit applicants, (depending on how fast the search company can get up to speed.)

We certainly understand the idea that many people are not thrilled with Lynk and we don’t disagree. At the same time, firing someone with a contract in place is tricky and is a step that should not be taken lightly and all factors need to be considered.

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