Palm Bay: Truth Is Not Up To “Parr.” (Or Is That Parr Is Not Up To Truth?)

As a bit of a background in case you weren’t aware, City Council Seat 5 is up for grabs and the election is between incumbent Jeff Bailey and Aaron Parr.

We haven’t seen the same fireworks between Bailey and Parr and their respective supporters and we think that is due to Bailey letting his record and his ideas speak for themselves. He is just not willing to engage in the type of manure slinging that we have seen elsewhere.

We were therefore somewhat surprised by this post from Aaron Parr on Thursday night at the City Council meeting.

There’s a problem with this.

Here is a screen shot of Bailey at the meeting during Tres Holton’s “farewell address.”

Why looky looky!

There is Councilman Bailey sitting in his customary seat.

So contrary to Parr’s contention, Bailey was at the meeting.

What kind of person would make up this obvious lie? Did Parr think that people wouldn’t notice? Did he think that people wouldn’t say “Jeff Bailey was there.”?

Did Parr think the people of Palm Bay would react well to this type of lie?

We are baffled at by this.

During the FloridaToday forum for this Seat, Parr was asked about the corruption in Palm Bay. He gave the City a “C” on corruption and said as a Councilman, he would work to fix it.

Call us crazy, but wouldn’t a candidate who allegedly wants to stop corruption in City Hall and have people trust Council members not lie and be trustworthy to begin with?

Is that too much to ask for?

4 Responses to “Palm Bay: Truth Is Not Up To “Parr.” (Or Is That Parr Is Not Up To Truth?)”

  1. Jessica says:

    You guys get worse and worse with each article. Jeff Baileynwas absent when this picture was taken. He wasn’t there for roll call. It was posted before he eventually showed up late. The post was later changed to state that. Funny how you leave all those things out of this so called article. This is nothing more than a Facebook page with a different background. Misleading at best.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thank you for the comment.

      So the post was indeed false, right? Bailey was at the meeting, right? Parr actually left the meeting to go outside, in case you missed that little fact. He in fact did what he wrongfully accused Bailey of doing – not being there.

      Bailey’s record of attendance at these meetings is stellar. We realize that it is easy for Parr to take a cheap shot and for you to endorse that cheap shot, but that doesn’t make the shot itself right.

      And in case you missed is, the so called “correction” was posted AFTER the meeting – long after Bailey was there.

      What’s the old saying?

      ‘A lie gets halfway around the world before truth puts on its boots.’” Winston Churchill.

      Apparently you are happy with Parr’s misrepresentation and the length of time it was out there. We are not.

      Have a good day.

      A. Afterwit.

  2. Jessica says:

    No the post is not false. Not one single word. Shall we break it down?
    “Attending the final council meeting prior to the election.” Thats true. It was.
    “and the incumbent is absent.” Obviously when he took this photo and posted it, Jeff Bailey the incumbent was not there (absent) after roll call. The minutes will reflect that obviously. So that is true.
    To say this isn’t true is like posting a picture and saying its a beautiful day today, then after you post the picture it starts raining. That doesn’t now make your post all of a sudden a lie, it was true at the time you posted it.
    “I’d ask you to vote Aaron Parr…to fill this vacant seat.” The seat was vacant, there’s a photo showing it vacant. So that would also be true at the time of the post.
    But the fact that you completely didn’t even acknowledge the OBVIOUS FACT that Bailey was late to the meeting in your entire post speaks volumes.
    He didn’t wrongfully accuse Bailey of not being there (which he has a history of lately). The guy wasn’t there. Then you post a screen shot from during Hortons speech which was hours into the meeting? Come on now. Why didn’t you post a screen shot of the chair during roll call? How bout you do that.
    Apparently you are happy with misrepresentation and completely ignoring reality.
    Have a mediocre day.

    • AAfterwit says:


      We know that you seem to be having issues with this.

      Was Bailey at the meeting? It’s a yes or no question. Stop quibbling and admit the fact that Bailey was there.

      Secondly, look at the time on the post. It was still up two hours later, long after Bailey was at the meeting.

      Parr’s post was a cheap shot and one that was not true. Despite your assertion that he did correct it, that correction was much later and shows that he is happy with not correcting false statements.

      Have a good day.

      A. Afterwit.