Palm Bay: Who Is John Mendoza?

Two of these things are NOT John Mendoza

There has been a great deal of acrimony in this year’s elections in Palm Bay, and nowhere is that acrimony greater than in the race for Seat Four between Calvin “Tres” Holton, Thomas Gaume, and Kenny Johnson.

While in most campaigns there are barbs thrown back and forth, this election has been different. In posts on Facebook there have been pleas for decorum only to be followed by posts that attack everyone who disagrees with someone else. (If we had a nickel for every ad hominem attack we have seen, the entire staff here would retire.) For the most part the candidates themselves have tried to stay above the fray. That is not to say that the candidates have either directed or encouraged supporters to be more like attack dogs, but it seems that is what has happened.

One of the “attack dogs” who has been particularly vicious has been an account by the name of “John Mendoza,” who is a supporter of Holton.

Both the Gaume and the Johnson camp have wondered who this person is as they are not registered to vote within Palm Bay. Speculation from those camps has always been that “John Mendoza” might be Holton himself but that was a tough nut to prove.

Until now.

In a forum, the following exchange took place between a Gaume supporter and “John Mendoza.”

The last line is highly interesting:

You guys keep saying I’m going to jail for a long time and still not a single thing.

In the context of the conversation, no one was saying that “Mendoaza” should be going to jail. That was never implied by any comment.

What was the context of the conversation was that Holton should go to jail. That makes the Mendoza statement “…..I’m going to jail…..” very interesting.

Using Occam’s razor we conclude that “Mendoza” is Holton himself.

This is bolstered by the fact that after someone pointed out the mistake, the post from “Mendoza” was erased, deleted and wiped off the forums.

For us, this presents some problems. First, we believe that people in the public eye should be able to have multiple Facebook accounts. Facebook itself does allow for this. In other words, people serving as Council members should be able to have an “official” account where they can speak to the people of the City, and then a second account they can use to keep in touch with friends, visit recipe sites, support teams, etc.

Secondly, as anyone who has followed this blog for any amount of time knows, we are proponents of free speech – especially political speech and that extends to anonymous political speech. We don’t care that the account exists.

If Holton wants to run around using a nom-de-plume for outside of his Council work, we support him doing that. We would never support the idea that Facebook should ban him for the existence of the second account (as Holton’s supporters wanted to do with us.)

Third, if Holton wants to act like the southern end of a north bound skunk using the Mendoza account, we are fine with that as well.


The reason is simple: “free speech” does not mean “free from repercussions and / or “free from consequences.”

If Holton wants to use his Mendoza account to attack, demean, and call the citizens of Palm Bay names, that simply shows a lack of character on his part. It shows the true nature behind the mask on the Council dais.

We have covered Holton’s issues with social media and statements before. There was the accusation that someone who disagreed with Representative Randy Fine was some how anti-Semitic. There was his wife’s bizarre rant on what Holton was doing when Councilman Bailey noticed Holton wasn’t adhering to the rules of the Council and the very civility pledge he proposed. She would not have known what was going on in that instance other than Holton telling her, which means the message was his, not hers. There was the strange rant in the middle of the night aimed at the Florida Today over a reporter asking for information on a story they were working one. There was the attack by Holton on the Chief of Police for the Chief doing his job.

We could go on and on and on.

You may think that it is hypocritical for a group of anonymous bloggers to be commenting on the anonymous speech of an elected official. We understand that sentiment and have thought about it quite a bit. We feel the difference is that while we write anonymously, we do so to protect ourselves from government bullies. We don’t do it to enhance or enrich our lives. We don’t do it to win elections, get the accolades of people, win contracts, or put ourselves on a pedestal. If we fail, we don’t blame other people. We don’t play the victim card here. We own up to our mistakes.

One of the great quotes we try and live by is from UCLA basketball coach John Wooden who once said:

“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

Being anonymous on the internet allows people to say and do things they may not in real life. We here at Raised on Hoecakes take that as a responsibility. In other words, just because you may not know who we are, doesn’t mean our friends and families don’t know. We have to look them in their eyes and ask “are we of the character writing here as we are in real life?”

We’d like to think that we are.

Which brings us back to Calvin “Tres” Holton and the fake “John Mendoza” account.

We think it is a reasonable question to ask “which person is the real man? The Council person with the polished appearance? Or the crazed lunatic who attacked everyone on Facebook?”

If character is revealed when no one is looking, isn’t character, or the lack of character, revealed when writing anonymously?

We think it is and so the John Mendoza account says more than just words written under an false name.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We originally wrote that Holton, Gaume and Johnson were running for Seat Five in Palm Bay. That’s not right. It is Seat Four. We have “Seat Five” on our minds because of something that is going on in another city. We screwed up and the article has been changed to reflect the correct Council seat. We apologize for the error.

One Response to “Palm Bay: Who Is John Mendoza?”

  1. Third Dimension says:

    I will agree that the discussion lost decorum a long time ago. Does the angst come from a deep worry that no one agrees with his ways, or is it the desperation to remain on the dais knowing it is the supply of corrupted amounts of money in PAC’s?

    There is indeed a screenshot proffering PAC money as “a consultant” from Mendoza for information against a rival.

    Speaking to the ad hominem attacks some have witnessed. You’d think Soros was paying Antifa to rough up a few citizens. I have seen two guys Davis & Halbert called ‘racist’ with photoshopped KKK hoodies on them. I smell a libel, slander, defamation lawsuit coming on should “Mendoza” ever be identified.

    I bring this up because that is not free speech! (yelling FIRE in a crowded movie theater)

    What would create such a disdain for another American who is questioning an elected official on how, why, and who they are?

    If truly Mendoza is Holton or vice versa, this to me is far beyond the Commission on Ethics. Holton should immediately be removed by the Governor and charged accordingly.

    Those who really pay attention witnessed Thomas Gaume ask the Deputy Mayor while on the dais, “Where does your money come from to pay your bills?”

    Tom and I talk a few times a day. We’ve been friends a long time. Using ROH’s inclusion to Occam’s Razor to where the simplest conclusion is usually the correct solution.
    I would say it that the answer would be his PAC’s.

    As with David Isnardi. Said to the paper, something along the lines that it was a rookie mistake and oversite when questioned about the misuse involving Holton.
    Until you realize he had over a dozen of them to funnel money!
    Since the investigations started by FBI/FDLE all those accounts were closed.
    As for Calvin, not so much. We can remember all his “consulting” gigs as a “lobbyist”.

    Once again ROH, a gentleman’s Hat Tip. Well done.
    If I may, since it is so rare an occasion
    Correct the staff…..
    “…and nowhere is that acrimony greater than in the race for Seat Five between Calvin “Tres” Holton, Thomas Gaume, and Kenny Johnson.” as in Seat Four.

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