Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men Brought to You By Handguns and Pepper Spray.

Ah yes…. “Black Friday.” The day when shoppers go nuts trying to get a deal on the “perfect Christmas gift.”

You remember Christmas, don’t you?

Jesus. Mary and Joseph. Baby. Manger. “Peace on earth. Good will toward men?”

So why is it that when we are looking for presents to give to friends and loved ones on a special day, the worst comes out in us?

Why is it that we are willing to use pepper spray on others to get those “deals?”

Twenty people, including children, received minor injuries after a woman reportedly pepper sprayed other shoppers at a Los Angeles-area Walmart store on Thursday as late-night Black Friday sales turned violent in the United States.

Calling it an act of “competitive shopping,” a fire captain told the Los Angeles Times the woman had intentionally taken the pepper spray with her to the department store in Porter Ranch to get the edge on her fellow shoppers.

She used the pepper spray in several areas of the store, Los Angeles Fire Capt. James Carson said.

Why even wait for the store to open? Let’s just break into it!

Around 12:30 this morning, Hollister was burglarized by a crowd of Black Friday shoppers that had grown impatient while waiting in line outside the surf shop-inspired superstore, according to a clique of teenage eyewitnesses assembled outside the American Eagle Outfitters across the street.

Oh what the heck…. this shopping stuff is over-rated. Let’s just steal the stuff from people.

As well, a shopper was shot early Friday during a robbery outside a San Francisco-area Walmart, according to NBC News. He is in critical but stable condition at a local hospital.

The victim was carrying purchases to his car with his family when several people approached them and demanded they hand over the goods.

Nah. Let’s not wait for people to purchase anything. Let’s just steal the money.

The woman went into the vehicle and grabbed a gun out of the center console and pointed it toward a second suspect….The woman fired 2 or 3 warning shots in the air and the suspects ran from the scene, one toward the Walmart parking lot and the other toward a wooded area on Grissom Parkway. One of the suspects was able to get away with the victim’s purse.

We sat here trying to think of some cute or clever way to end this post. We can’t. The actions of a few in order to get some gifts is beyond comprehension to us. It is so disturbing that we are at a loss for words.

We lament the over commercialization of Christmas and the shopping frenzy surrounding “Black Friday.” There is a loss of community and family when people are forced to work on holidays or long hours on the day after a holiday. Yet we cannot understand what kind of person would pepper spray, rob, or require someone to use a gun in self defense to get some presents to give to a loved one or a friend.

What is the message there?

“I care enough for you to break the law?”

“You’re so special to me that I hurt someone to get a Bratz doll?”

We talk all the time here on this blog about the leadership in the country and how corrupt it is. At the same time, we, as a nation, have to look inside of ourselves and see that not only do we allow this corruption in government, we allow it in our personnel lives and the lives of those around us.

Somehow we get the feeling that the little kid in the manger doesn’t approve of that.

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