Play By Their Rules.

Silence-Lego-Figs-Brevard-County---ROH Yesterday we posted about the Brevard County Resolution put forth by Commissioner Fisher that effectively eliminated the rights of people to seek redress from the government. It also effectively told people to sit down and shut up.

The resolution was supported by Commissioners Anderson and Barfield.

At the end of our post, we said that we would put forth ideas to fight this nonsense which is what this post is about.

First, tell your friends. There is a tendency to only get involved when there are issues that affect someone or with they agree or disagree, but this issue cuts across all ideological, political, racial, and economic lines. Whether you agree with Fisher on funding issues or with Infantini, it doesn’t matter.

This resolution took a shot not just at Infantini, but every citizen in Brevard County. Fisher, Barfield, and Anderson have said your voice will only heard on certain issues and be silenced on others.

That cannot be allowed to stand.

If these three men can silence people on one issue, they can silence people on all issues.

That is why this is important.

So, what to do about it?

First, tell your friends. Get them involved. Feel free to use our posts in emails. You can also send people the Florida Today article on the resolution and the Commission meeting so they can read about it. The first step in fighting the ignorance of Barfield, Anderson and Fisher is to be educated on what happened and the effects.

(NOTE: It is generally considered proper iternet etiquette to link to an article in an email and to cut and paste portions of that article. Sending the whole post or article deprives the site of hard numbers of how many people read the post or article. We never whine about this too often, and we certainly don’t make any money from people who come here or see any revenue from advertising, but once in awhile it is nice to see how many people stopped by. If you don’t want to link and cut and paste parts of our posts, and instead send the entire post out, that’s okay. We won’t hate you or call you nasty names. We would just appreciate you linking to us as does the Florida Today.)

Secondly, contact your County Commissioner. Contact those who voted for this. Contact Commissioner Smith who appears to have voted against the resolution because he wanted to “study it” instead of recognizing the problems with the resolution right out of the box.

Here is the contact information for each Commissioner:

District 1 Commissioner Robin Fisher
Ph: (321) 264-6750
Fax: (321) 264-6751

District 2 Commissioner Jim Barfield (Chair)
Ph: (321) 454-6601
Fax: (321) 454-6602

District 3 Commissioner Trudie Infantini
Ph: (321) 952-6300
Fax: (321) 952-6340

District 4 Commissioner Curt Smith (Vice Chair)
Ph: (321) 633-2044
Fax: (321) 633-2121

District 5 Commissioner Andy Anderson
Ph: (321) 253-6611
Fax: (321) 253-6620

Third, in the public comments of the Brevard County Commissioners meetings, stand up and make your opinions known. Do not attack people directly. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into a petty insult contest with the commissioners. Remember that per Roberts Rule of Order, you are not allowed attack people and your comments must be directed toward the Chairperson, who in this case is Commissioner Barfield. Attack and address ideas – not people.

In the past, the Commission has allowed comments from Commissioners directed at people. That too is not allowed. The moment a snide comment or cheap insult is thrown at someone in audience, speak up and make a “point of order” and demand the Chair compel the Commissioners (and others) on the dais to follow the same rules they want you to follow.

Then, the fun part.

We saw this tactic used in another state and it is very effective. On every issue that has public comments, go to the podium and say nothing. You read that right: say nothing.

This accomplishes several things. First, it shows the Commission a silent protest on what being silenced looks like. Secondly, Fisher said he was tired of wasting time at meetings. Welcome to the public’s time Commissioner Fisher.

Most importantly, the Commission cannot stop this type of activity. They cannot say that the silence is not on topic, and they cannot compel anyone to speak.

Remember to be polite and not get into a confrontation with any Commissioner. At the end of your silence, it is always a nice touch to thank the Chair for the time.

If the Commissioners want to silence people, the people should show them what real silence looks like. Best of all, this type of protest is well within the rules of the Commission.

Let the silence be a deafening roar in their ears.

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  1. Michael Hartman says:

    Great idea!