Please Make It Stop!

One of our staff members here at RoH helps designs safety sheets for companies.

Every tn day, OSHA mandates that the employees of the company gather and discuss safety issues. The meetings don’t last long, but the employees are given a sheet discussing the specific safety topic, the topic is discussed, and then the employees sign a paper that the topic was discussed, they understood what was discussed and they had no questions they either did not raise nor were answered by the supervisor.

Everything is documented and you would think that documentation would mean something.

The company recently hired a new supervisor who said “those safety sheets need to be translated into Spanish as well.”

The owners of the company thought that was silly but sure enough, when the checked the law, the sheets had to be translated into Spanish or any native language of their employees.

It’s a silly law, but the genesis is even more ridiculous.

It seems that years ago a person on a job violated the safety protocols that were in place. As with any accident, an accident form was filled out and forwarded to the authorities. OSHA decided to investigate the accident.

The OSHA inspectors focused on the actions of the employee that violated the safety protocols. The investigators asked the worker if he had been trained in the safety procedures. The man nodded and told the investigators he had. The investigators showed him the form which he signed saying he had been trained and understood the procedures.

The man agreed it was his signature.

The investigators then asked if he received the training, signed a document saying he had received the training and understood it, why did he violate the safety procedures?

The man replied that he didn’t speak, read or understand English too well so he didn’t understand what he was supposed to do.

OSHA fined the company.

You read that right. The man lied, signed a document that was a lie, and the company got fined.

After that, OSHA mandated that safety sheets be in the native tongues of workers, costing companies money.

A case can be made that safety is important and no one wants an employee to get hurt. At the same time, if the employee cannot understand directions or lies to the company, shouldn’t that be ground for termination?

Nah. When an employee lies and causes others to get hurt, it is clearly the fault of the company.

Please, make it stop. Make this madness stop.

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