Posting Schedule.

With Brevard County missing the blunt of what could have been a horrific impact of hurricane Dorian (which was at one point in time tracking dead on to land as a high Cat 4 between Melbourne and Palm Bay,) we are going to chill out the rest of the week.

As of this writing some of our staff are without power (nothing major – just irritating) as well as the fact that with preparing for Dorian, helping people to prepare for the storm, and just the overall stress of a storm coming our way, we are going to chill probably until Sunday as far as hard content is concerned. We have a couple of interesting posts in the queue ready to go. Until then, we are going to sit back, relax, watch the kids play for a day, and revel in what is import – family, loved ones and friends.

Until Sunday or Monday, we will continue to post “fluff” posts. (After all, we had enough of those posts to take us into October, so we might as well use them at some point.)

Hope all of the people who read and follow Raised on Hoecakes that were in the path or near the path of Dorain are okay, suffered minor, if any damage, and are starting to take down windows coverings etc, are doing well.


A. Afterwit.

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