Pray For Us. – Now Updated!

Today, our “friends” at AT&T are coming to install AT&T U-Verse.


This could go really well, or could be an unmitigated disaster.

We’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Yesterday we got a call from AT&T saying there were “engineering issues” with the scheduled installation and they were postponing the installation.

When we asked “what engineering issues?” we were told “dunno.”

When we asked “how long it will it take to resolve the issue?” we were told “dunno.”

We were told that a manager would contact by the end of the business day to let us know what was going on.

We are still waiting for the call.

Late last night, for kicks we decided to check the order status. We weren’t expecting much, but we weren’t expecting what we found.

Our original appointment that was scheduled for Wednesday, January 16, 2013, was now scheduled for the year 2036. (We kid you not.)

We clicked the chat button to say “what’s up wit ‘dat?”

The representative said “good news! Your problem is fixed! We can come out on Friday!”

The thing is he made it sound like he was doing us a favor. He actually said “when customers get the engineering issues resolved, they are very happy.”


And here we thought that AT&T shouldn’t have been trying to sell a product without the engineering problems solved already.

We keep wondering what would have happened if we hadn’t checked the order status. Would they have called to reschedule?

We doubt it.

Right out of the gate, this is not looking good.


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