Publishing Note

For those of you who missed it, we wrote a post the other day concerning how the “birther” issue was a distraction to the conservative cause. In it, we commented on the work of one “Paul Irey” who the folks at World Net Daily claimed to be an “expert.” We were surprised that Irey took the time to write in our comment section that we were “bogus” and a “fool.”

Where we come from, “‘dem be fightin’ words.”

We are, at this point in time, preparing a detailed post examining fully Irey’s claims and “expertise” in the necessary fields to determine whether the Obama birth certificate is a forgery or not.

Because of the depth of the upcoming post, it is a light posting day today.

We want to make clear one thing. We don’t have a dog in this fight. Whether the Obama birth certificate is real or forged is not something we are going to decide. The post on Irey’s claim will deal with his work, his analysis and his eventual conclusion.

When we first wrote the original post that sparked this discussion, our intention was merely to say to the “birthers,” there are other, better issues that resonate with the undecided and independent voters than the birth certificate issue.” We wrote then and continue to believe now that the issue is a distraction and in fact, hurts the conservative cause.

Now, however, our integrity has been attacked both here and from outside sources. We have received emails and comments from other sources, most of which attack us personally, rather than our conclusion and main point.

So be it. We are adults and can handle that.

What we can’t handle an will not abide with is deception whenever and wherever we find it.

When you read the upcoming post on Irey’s work, you will see how our disdain of deception is germane and relevant to this discussion.

We should be ready to post tomorrow, so look for it!

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