Re-Thinking Sports.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we realized things would change. One of those changes was the cancellation of sports at every level.

We missed the excitement, the teamwork and all the good things that sports brings out in people. Whether it is the excitement of an eight year old getting their first hit in baseball, or college level lacrosse, we missed the games. (Don’t even get us started on the prospect of there being no college football season.)

Then we stumbled across a series of videos on youth sports an parents behaving badly. We missed the part where the Los Angeles Lakers were looking for a 9 year old starting point guard, but some of these parents take it that way.

The bottom line is that as parents in youth sports, you really can’t teach your child to love the game or not. That will come naturally. What you can do is teach kids the way to conduct themselves by acting in a decent manner yourself.

These parents have a lot to learn and the lessons they are teaching their kids is not a good one.

It’s a game people. Especially at the youth level, it is a game. If you can’t go to the game and root for your kid instead of attacking the refs, other kids, and parents, your participation is not required.

We’d like to think that after the pandemic that people will have learned to be kinder and more sportsmanlike on the fields and courts of youth sports.

But we aren’t holding our breath.

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