Rocky Mountain High – On Segregation.

Another day. Another education system promoting segregation.

Yesterday we wrote about the idiocy of Brevard School Board member and his comment on race being a factor in school naming and how contrary that is to the idea of racial harmony and equality.

At the time of the post, we were aware that there was a school district out there that was willing to make an even more ridiculous statement, policy and event.

Welcome to Denver, Colorado, where it is not only legal to smoke pot, it is apparently legal to smoke it as an educator while on the job.

The Denver School system is allowing schools to have and promote “Families of Color Playground Night.”

It is just as weird as it sounds.

A spokesperson for Denver Public Schools said that Centennial Elementary school leaders met with “some of the Black families whose children attend” Denver Public Schools (DPS) and they requested a separate, segregated space to meet one another.

“Some of these families shared with us that, since the only time many of them see one another is at drop-off and pick-up times, we host some events where Black families can meet one another, connect with one another and share their experiences about the school with one another,” DPS Media Manager Scott Pribble told the Daily Caller.

Pribble said that the school was “honoring their request,” though the school maintains that “all families are welcome to attend all of [the school’s] events.”

The School District says it is all above board and that no families are being excluded and all are welcome.

Apparently the School District is unaware of social media where people can meet and organize events on their own.

The bigger question is “if everyone is welcome, why is the event called ‘Families of Color Playground Night?'”

Imagine how fast the government would come down on a company or store that promoted a “White Families Shopping Night” and then tried to claim “all families were welcome.”

It doesn’t even pass the smell test.

The School District isn’t backing down:

“The school leaders at Centennial received a specific request from families to create a space of belonging,” Pribble said. “Centennial was responsive to their request. We support efforts like this as they provide connections, support and inspiration for families which share similar experiences and come from similar backgrounds.”

Most public schools are attended by students in the community. While there are some secondary schools that may be “city wide” due to specific course offerings of academic achievements, the “connection” the parents share is their children all attend the same school. That’s the common data point that should be used as a “rallying” cry to get parents to meet and talk.

Instead of using the commonality of the parents and students to meet and play, the school divides parents and students based on “experiences” and “backgrounds.”

Frankly, we have no idea what that means. It makes the assumption that all people of one race or ethnicity experience the things and all have similar backgrounds. Instead of acknowledging that everyone’s experience and background is different, the School District is promoting what can be described as the “biggest clique in the school.” Instead of saying “we all have different backgrounds and experiences and we can learn by sharing them,” the District is saying, “a safe space is needed because others won’t accept or understand our experiences and backgrounds.”

What is the point of a school if the School District believes in segregation so much that it fosters an environment where that segregation and racism thrives like a piece of moldy bread in a middle school science experiment?

It is ironic that the “motto” of the Denver School District is “Discover a World of Opportunity.”

Nothing says “a world of opportunity” like cutting portions of the world out.

We have said this before and it bears repeating….

You have to be very well educated to make policies and host events this stupid.

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