Rolling Stones Sued.

There are probably a lot of things that you can think of that the Rolling Stones could be sued for. This is probably not one of them:

A Rolling Stones fan has filed a complaint against the band for discriminating against disabled people, adding that the band is not looking after its Baby Boomer fans.

Michael Boyajian, 60, claims that the British rock band are charging disabled concert goers up to five times more for tickets than able-bodied people have to pay.

He has now filed a complaint with the New York Division of Human Rights in which he claimed he would have to pay $1,075 (£847) for a suitable seat to the band’s June 2019 concert at the MetLife Stadium in New York.


The Rolling Stones fan filed his claim against the band’s promoter Concerts West/AEG, stating that when he tried to buy tickets to the concerts for their new tour in New York and New Jersey he found that wheelchair accessible seats were either sold out immediately or did not exist.

The only handicapped seats he could get were for people with hearing and sight impairments and they were too expensive and, he claimed, discriminatory against him.

He has claimed that the scarcity of tickets for disabled people, and the high prices, are a breach of his human rights.

We are hard pressed to believe that seats selling out quickly is a reason for a lawsuit. After all, Boyajian and others faced the same market availability issue for seats. Generally speaking, good cheap seats – whether for disabled or not disabled people – are in high demand and will sell out quickly.

One would also have to think that the number of seats for the disabled in the arena is proscribed by law and that the arena complies with that law.

But perhaps the worst part of the lawsuit?

Mr Boyajian, a retired administrative law judge, argued that the Rolling Stones should be more mindful of the discrepancy, given all the band members are in their 70s. (emphasis ours)

Now doesn’t that just make you feel even older?


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  1. Lee says:

    I’m in my fifties, with a bad back. I can’t stand more than about thirty minutes. I’m a big fan of a musician who was big in the sixties, and he is now in his seventies. I casually know how wife. I complained to her about the fact that he mostly plays in venues now that have no seats. He will sit in a chair on the stage. I’m probably one his younger fans. I now only go if he wins up in a venue with audience seating. Sometimes I wonder who does up when he plays those other venues.