Ron Paul and the Ames Iowa Straw Poll

Just a quick note on the Ames Iowa Straw poll. While Bachmann won, Ron Paul supporters are claiming that Paul’s second place finish is being ignored.

Frankly, the whole poll should be ignored.

Candidates buy tickets that they distribute to people who then vote for them. Individuals may by tickets a well. This year, the tickets cost $30 a pop. If this “straw poll” were a real certified general or primary election, such tactics of buying votes or giving things of value to voters would be illegal.

We shouldn’t put too much faith in the types of polls that are “bought” such as the Ames Straw Poll for that reason.

We should take note that whenever there is a poll that is controlled by entrants, such as by calling in or voting online, Ron Paul does well. When the poll is conducted randomly, Paul doesn’t fare as well.

Ron Paul and his supporters will claim that is because of some grand conspiracy. Heck, in Ron Paul’s world everything is a conspiracy. Such talk gets old after awhile. We are not saying that conspiracies do not exist, but not everything is a conspiracy. Paul and his supporters like conspiracy theories because it makes them feel intellectually superior. They, and only they, can see what is really going on. Everyone else is blinded by the conspiracy. It is a difficult position to attack because it is not based on reality.

Because of that, when dealing with Paul’s supporters, there is a lot of name calling. We suppose that acting like children is one form of discussion, but it is not a productive one.

One of the funnier names that will always be thrown out is “RINO” or “Republican in Name Only.” What makes that name calling so funny is that if there is anyone that is running in this presidential race that is a “RINO,” it is Paul. Paul proudly stands apart from what most Republicans believe as well as believes. He hated the Republican platform in 2008 and actively spoke out against it. While he doesn’t have to be a rootin’ tootin’ rah rah supporter of the platform, clearly Paul is not a Republican and cannot play well with other Republicans.

Finally, if you are on the fence about Paul, or a Paul supporter, we suggest that you read Yid With a Lid’s post on Ron Paul entitled Ron Paul Bigot, Liar or Incompetent Fool?

It is a devastating picture of a man that is everything that conservatives stand against. Even if one tenth of what is written is true, it is enough for people to run, not walk, but run away from Paul.

Paul and his supporters may be able to buy a second place in a straw poll, but they cannot buy the truth. And you, knowing the truth, shall be set free from Ron Paul.

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