Satellite Beach Can Breathe Easier.


That’s really what life comes down to most of the time. Opportunities.

At the Satellite Beach City Council meeting on June 19, 2013, Satellite Beach Fire Chief Don Hughes had the opportunity to stand before the Council and the citizens of Satellite Beach to recognize and thank many people for donating funds to allow the Fire Department to purchase what was described as “advanced airway equipment.”

We want to take the opportunity to thank and acknowledge those folks as well.

They are:

The Satellite Beach Women’s Club, the Lions Foundation, Comfort Air & Heat, 55 Plus Club, the Houston Family, Carolyn Cavanaugh and Melbourne Discount Pharmacy.

Donating the money for one of the apparatus would be wonderful, but after Chief Hughes jokingly mentioned there are two EMS units within the City, the same group of people seized upon that opportunity to donate enough money to purchase a second unit.

Now if you are like us, you wonder what is so advanced or special about the units that are being purchased. We took the opportunity to ask Chief Hughes and he was gracious enough to respond with a link to the item itself so we could read about it.

The apparatus is the VLS 6600 hi-resolution video laryngoscope system from IntuBrite, Inc.

The system allows for the insertion of an airway into a patient by not only having medical personnel “feel” the airway going in, but allows them to see the insertion via tiny a LED camera. This will allow the medical personnel to see any obstructions, damages to the airway, etc., resulting in getting oxygen to the patient faster and with less trauma to the patient.

The system comes with a small, high definition video screen as well.

Below is a video of the VLS 6600 in action.

This is definitely one of those things that we hope the Satellite Beach Fire Department never has the opportunity to use, as it means someone is in the middle of a medical emergency, but it is comforting knowing that it is on the trucks and available as someone will need it.

As we said, life is full of opportunities and we wanted to make sure that we took the opportunity to thank all the people who saw an opportunity to help the citizens of Satellite Beach.

Well done.

As a side note, we will have more on the Council meeting within the next few days.

2 Responses to “Satellite Beach Can Breathe Easier.”

  1. John Fergus says:

    Mr Afterwit,

    Correction: The second- and third-listed donors are: the Satellite Beach Lions Club (vice “Lions Foundation”) and Complete Air and Heat (vice “Comfort”), located on the corner of Cassia and South Patrick Drive, across for the Satellite Beach Fire Station.

    Glad to see these folks’ support recognized. That is what makes Satellite Beach Satellite Beach.



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