School Teaches “No” Means “Yes.”

Natalie Richard’s sixth grade daughter came home from Utah’s Kanesville Elementary ’s with an interesting take on the upcoming Valentine’s Day dance.

The young girls said that if a boy asked her to dance, she could not say “no.”

Richard acted like any responsible adult in that situation and tried to clarify the situation with her daughter.

Oh no, no honey,” Richard said of her reply. “You guys are misunderstanding again. That’s not how it is.”

Turns out, the little dancer-to-be was correct. The girls could not say “no” if they were asked to dance.

However, after speaking to her daughter’s teacher, she realized the statement was accurate.

“The teacher said she can’t. She has to say yes. She has to accept and I said, ‘Excuse me,” Richard tells Fox 13.

Richard took her concerns to the school principal.

“He basically just said they’ve had this dance set up this way for a long time and they’ve never had any concern before,” she said of his response.

Lane Findlay with the Weber School District confirms it’s a rule, but he said it’s meant to teach students how to be inclusive.

“Please be respectful, be polite,” Findlay said. “We want to promote kindness, and so we want you to say yes when someone asks you to dance.”

A person can’t be polite and respectful when saying “no” or “no thank you?”

The problem, of course, is that this teaches kids that saying “no” has no relevance in the dating world. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you can’t say “no.”

(One of the comments on an article we say also as the very relevant question of “what if either one of the kids is gay, transsexual, or who “gender identifies” differently from their biological gender?)

The mother says that this type of thing sends the wrong message and that there are other ways to teach “respect” and “inclusiveness.”

She’s right.

You can still be “inclusive” and not be forced to dance with someone. You can still be respectful of the other person’s choice to dance or not dance with you.

It is not “respectful” to force your desire to dance with someone onto them.


The school was apparently shocked that a parent would be upset with this silliness.

“[Findlay] basically just said they’ve had this dance set up this way for a long time and they’ve never had any concern before,” [Richard] said of [Findlay’s] response.

We would bet the parents haven’t said anything because they don’t know about it.

What decent parent is going to say to their child, “now Sweetie, if someone wants to touch and dance with you, you have to say ‘yes.'”

This is just another case of a school administration being really stupid. As we have said time and time again, you have to be very educated to be that stupid.

2 Responses to “School Teaches “No” Means “Yes.””

  1. Oldav8r says:

    If being “inclusive” is the priority then mandate that everyone is invited. No invitations to the dance.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thank you for the comment.

      The dance is a optional activity.

      However, the idea that it is “optional” goes toward the lunacy of this whole idea. People can attend if they want but are forced to dance with people?

      It’s crazy.

      A. Afterwit.