Scum Of The Earth.

Demontea Chappell

Demontea Chappell is a 20 year old male who has allegedly committed one of the most wretched, morally bankrupt and horrible crimes we have heard of in a long time. (We have to say “allegedly” because this scum-bucket is still on the run and has not been convicted even though there is a video showing him committing the crime.)

According to WTVR Channel 6 in Richmond, Virginia:

A military veteran who died of a heart attack while onboard a GRTC [Greater Richmond Transit Company] bus was robbed while unconscious. Several bus riders jumped in to help the man but ultimately got off the bus — with the exception of one.

Police say 20-year-old Demontea Chappell, stayed behind under the guise of giving aid but was seen on camera taking the man’s wallet.

A video reveals the heartbreaking details.

“Pop? What you name is Pop?” said a young man, as the older bus passenger struggled unconsciously and not breathing.

“Trying to find his wallet. Where the wallet at?” that young man continues.

Chappell, according to police, was acting as if he was giving aid to the Air Force veteran, but the bus video showed he went inside the man’s wallet and then slid the cash into his own pocket.

This 20 year old sperm stain stole money from a dying veteran while purporting to give the man aid.

From WDBJ Channel 7 in Richmond:

“He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” said Richmond Police Detective Greg Russell. “He ended up removing money from Mr. Bass’ wallet, and putting it in his pocket.”

Detective Russell says Chappell stayed on scene and spoke with investigators after the bus pulled over on North 1st Street and East Federal Street.

They believe he got away with at least $200 from the victim, who was an elderly U.S. Air Force veteran on his way to the doctor.

After arriving on the scene, police say the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The footage came from surveillance cameras found inside and outside all GRTC buses.

“That’s really a word of warning to anybody on our buses who thinks they can get away with something like this, they will be found on that security footage,” said GRTC spokesperson, Carrie Rose Pace.

Pace says that protocol dictates that drivers would immediately contact radio dispatchers, who would determine what sort of emergency responders are needed for any situation, adding that the proper protocol was followed in this incident. The driver would never leave the victim alone, unless they were being cared for, such as in this case when the suspect acted as though he would be caring for the victim.

We’re sure Chappell’s parents are just thrilled at the way their punk kid acted. Or maybe they really are.

Who knows?

Chappell is still on the loose and police are asking for help in catching him.

In the scheme of things, a theft of $200 or more won’t get Chappell much jail time. That’s a pity.

As much as we believe in forgiveness, there is a part of us that hope some citizens catch this guy, and cause him physical harm before calling the police.

There is no a jury in the country that would convict the mob of doing that.

Once again, a 20 year old volunteers to stay with an Air Force veteran on a bus while the driver and other passengers get help rolling to the scene, and instead of helping the dying man, this robs the man as he dies.

The courts cannot give this what he truly deserves.

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