Shout Outs!

A lot of the things we have been discussing and bringing to light concerning Satellite Beach are somewhat negative.

Not this post.

We wanted to give a couple of well deserved shout outs to some folks in our community.

First, we want to acknowledge the Satellite High players who were named to the “All District” team for the sport of lacrosse.

In our lifetime we never thought the sport would reach this far into the southern part of the United States. Not only is it here, but there is some quality play going on at the youth and high school levels.

Scott Keith and Julian Pinelli were named to the Boys All District Second Team. Kristin Fanto, Becca Faircloth, Devan Macheras, Anna Griessler, and Alexa Weare were named to the Girls All District First Team. Add to the mix Haley Cook, who was named to the All District Second Team.

Kudos to the players named above and to all the kids who are playing the great sport of lacrosse.

Secondly, in case you missed it, there is a really nice article on the Satellite Beach Fire Department, specifically the paramedics, in the Florida Today newspaper.

part of Satellite Beach Fire Department’s community health paramedic program, the only one of its kind in Brevard. The goal: keep a closer eye on seniors with chronic medical conditions — who don’t qualify for home health care — and provide assistance before they need emergency treatment.

The program started as part of the Communities for a Lifetime statewide initiative, a program of the Florida Department of Elder Affairs that was meant to improve community-based care services for older residents. Local officials saw it as a way to not only help older residents, but also to cut back on repeat calls for emergency assistance.

“The goal is to keep everything tuned up,” Satellite Beach Fire Chief Don Hughes said. “They (the paramedics) recognize a little change and say, ‘Let’s call your doctor right now and try and fix this issue.’ What we’re doing is breaking the cycle.”

We suggest you go read the article, take a look at how it is funded, and how you can help.

It is pretty cool when you have a program in your city that is unique in the area and is serving as a model for other departments across the country.

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