Speaking Of The First Amendment…..

Talk about being timely. As we we were surfing the ‘net while thinking about the First Amendment, we came upon this video from Stephen Crowder who interviewed some students at the University of Michigan. The University recently implemented an “Inclusive Language” program that oddly enough, many people see as a restriction of speech by seeking to ban certain words and terms.

(Sometimes we feel that we are trapped in some Orwellian novel where “inclusive” means to “ban or prohibit use or participation.)

The Crowder video is a little different in that it is not a “gotcha” video where people are asked a question and then the video is edited to show ridiculous answers. Crowder seeks to have real, honest conversations with students and faculty. The results are intriguing and troubling.

The University of Michigan took some pretty big steps toward stifling free speech on its campus this month. Just how important is the 1st amendment to students today, and is it our duty to protect it? Watch to find out!

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