Still Angry, So Let’s Go With An Eternally Unanswered Question.

We are still ticked off at the Cocoa Beach Commission and their refusal to live up to their oaths and follow the laws of the land and the Constitutions of the US and the State of Florida. None of us here feel like writing anything about them yet because for the most part, everything each staff member has started has come off like a crazed rant rather than a discussion or expose of what we feel is a lack of integrity from the Commission members, as well as the City Attorney and even the new City Manager (although he is new enough he gets a bit of a pass.)

Instead, we are going today with the eternal question of animation lovers everywhere of “why cartoon characters wear gloves.”

We all need a laugh and this is a step in the right direction.

Animators had a few tricks up their slee…err gloves.

2 Responses to “Still Angry, So Let’s Go With An Eternally Unanswered Question.”

  1. Hometown says:

    The only light at the end of the tunnel I saw was that commissioner Williams did acknowledge the concern over the warning and requested the city clerk make a note to see how other city’s have worded their policy documents and update the CB policy in the future. Not what I was hoping for as it kicks the can down the road but at least he acknowledged that we can probably do things better.

    • AAfterwit says:


      We understand your point and will have more on this later.

      However, in regards to Commissioner Williams’ plan, we wonder if the City is willing to allow such things as speeding tickets, code violations, etc to slide for a year. After all, if the Commission has to wait for a year to get the unConstitutional rules off the books, why should anyone else have to follow the laws and Code of the City for a year?

      Justice delayed is justice denied.

      A. Afterwit.