Students Blast Supreme Court Ruling On Gay Wedding Cake.

Campus Reform went to a college campus to ask people their opinion on Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Supreme Court case that recently decided that a Christian baker was not obligated to bake or decorate a cake for a gay wedding.

The video is somewhat terrifying as it shows how little the college students had thought through the implications of the government forcing people to do work against their beliefs.

At 0:33 of the video one student says: “people have the right to eat the cake they want to eat.”

We have been through the Constitution, case laws, state laws and local laws and not a single one mentions a person’s “right to eat cake,” much less the “right to each the cake they want to eat.” We can’t imagine the Patriots on Breed’s Hill shouting “Don’t fire until you see if they offer you cake!”

The student’s comment highlights a disturbing trend in the country where it seems everything is some sort of “right.”

We can’t even imagine the men and women who fought for the rights of Americans to be willing to die for the “right to eat the cake they want to.”

If one believes that they can force a person to act against their own sincerely held beliefs, the resulting conclusion is that the state and not the individual owns the person’s labor and creativity. In essence, the state have made the person a slave to the will of the government. Furthermore, if the state owns the labor and the creativity of a person, the state must also own the proceeds and fruit of that labor and creativity. In short, logically the state owns every penny the people make.

We know that is not the type of freedom upon which this country was founded.

When the question in the video gets flipped around to whether a baker should be forced to bake a cake that supports the ideas or groups that the students find objectionable, the light seems to go on in some of their heads, but we suspect that it won’t be on long.

One Response to “Students Blast Supreme Court Ruling On Gay Wedding Cake.”

  1. Frances says:

    You are so right, the “student’s comment highlights a disturbing trend in the country”

    The brain-drain; from pre-school to college… yea, “I want what I want when I want it”.