Stupid Letters To The Editor – Florida Today Edition.

Letters to the editor concerning the contraception / abortion / religious freedom issue seem to still be pouring into the Florida Today newspaper. We commented on one such letter last week, and today another writer has decided to display incredible ignorance and a lack of critical thinking.

The author of this tome is Peter C. Wolff of Melbourne Beach, Florida. In a letter entitled “Contraception mandate not about religious freedom,” he writes:

Catholics and contraception: A media argument about what? Religious freedom?

Catholics can refuse birth control pills. They can choose to have all children possible, but at their expense, not the American taxpayers. This is not religious freedom, this is personal responsibility, the very bedrock of Republican and Democratic philosophy.

Are we to abandon the separation of church and state upon the dictates of the papacy?

President Barack Obama has given the Catholic bishops a way out. Let insurance companies cover women’s contraceptives at no real cost to insurance companies. Sixty-one percent of Americans are for this solution.

Republicans are again putting women at risk for an ideological argument that doesn’t hold water. Come on, ladies, do you really want to sacrifice your choice to the Catholic bishops and their lobbyists, or their Republican representatives?

If Wolff actually believes this is simply a “media argument,” he hasn’t been paying attention. It is not just the Catholic Church that has spoken out about this issue. Leaders of faiths see this issue as an attack on their religious freedoms. Even non-theists see this as an attack on the rights and liberties as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. In short, this is not a “media argument.”

In his second paragraph, Wolff makes the argument that the choice to have children is “personnel responsibility.” We agree. It is therefore ridiculous to say the government must intrude in that choice. Just as the choice to have a child is the responsibility of the individual and not the American taxpayers, the ways and means which seek to prevent a child from being born are the responsibility of the individual and not the American taxpayer.

Wolff makes the false argument of “abandoning the separation of church and state” being on the papacy. It is not the papacy that is dictating people act against their moral and religious beliefs. It is the government making that demand. If the so called “wall of separation of church and state” is under attack, that attack emanates from the government, and not the religious.

Wolff then tries to say Obama has given the Catholic Bishops a “way out” by forcing the insurance companies to cover what Wolff feels are “no real costs” to the insurance companies.

If Wolff truly believes there is “no real costs,” then this whole thing can be settled by having men and women pay for their own contraception and abortion needs. If Wolff truly believes child bearing is a personnel decision and the costs associated with preventing conception are insignificant, then let the person making the decision whether to use contraception or abortions pay for those choices.

Even if one were to buy into the ridiculous argument of “no real costs,” which is flatly contradicted by Secretary of Health and Human Services Katherine Sebelius, does Wolff think the money for the contraceptives are going to materialize out of thin air? Certainly even someone of limited reasoning and logic knows the costs will simply be returned to the Catholic institutions in the form of higher premiums. The Catholic institutions will still be paying for that which is against the moral and religious conscience.

Lastly, Wolff makes the false argument that it is Republicans, Catholics and lobbyists that are putting a woman’s “choice” at risk. How he believes this is happening he does not state because the choice is not at risk. It is not being threatened. Men and women are still able to obtain contraceptives. No one is proposing a ban on what can be obtained at ever corner mini-mart, drug store, grocery store or multi-purpose “big box” store. People still have the choice. The only choice that is being attacked is that of the Catholic institutions. It is their choice and freedom of religion that is being attacked.

Wolff, like many, want the Catholic church to stay out of the personnel choices and religious beliefs an individual makes, but does not believe the government should stay out of the choices the Church makes. Wolff’s letter is clearly one of stupidity and hypocrisy.

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