Well, that sucked.


Royals beat O’s 8 – 6.

O’s – Royals Starts Tonight.

The American League Championship series starts tonight with the Kansas City Royals venturing into Baltimore’s Camden Yard to take on the Orioles.


First pitch is at 8:07 PM.

Go O’s!

O’s Win….. Again!

O’s win and take a 2-0 lead in the ALDS.


O’s come back from 3 down in the 8th and win 7-6.

O’s Take Game One.


Orioles set postseason team record with 12 runs in Game 1 win.

Woo Hoo!

(Just enjoying the moment.)



Orioles Win!

Congratulations to the Baltimore Orioles, champions of the American League East Division.

Go O’s!



It’s a magic number.

Heckling Turns Into Assault.

Orioles-ROH We grew up as fans of the Baltimore Orioles. We were “Junior Orioles,” which meant for $9 a season, we got to sit in the bleachers at old Memorial Stadium with thousands of other Junior Orioles and see one each and every team that played the O’s. Dad had to buy a ticket to go with us, but in those bleachers is where we learned to keep score in a book, root for the home team, etiquette in the bathrooms, and the taste of a hotdog and peanuts while watching a game.

Because many of the games ended before our bedtime, we would get up in the morning and see whether the Orioles had won or lost. We learned the words to “Bomb ’em Birds” for the 1965 World Series against the Dodgers. As we matured we went to games on our own, sang the national anthem with thousands of others, and during the 7th inning stretch, whooped and hollered to John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.”

And along the way, like any good son of Baltimore, we learned to hate the New York Yankees. (Hatred of Boston came later, but first up it was the Yankees.) What self respecting ball player ever wore a uniform with silly looking pinstripes for goodness sake? And Yankee Stadium? What a dump. The O’s and the Yanks were in the same league (American) and later when the leagues were separated into divisions, the O’s and Yanks were in the same division.

The hatred still burned.

However, as much as we hated the Yankees, we would never think of taking it to the level as two butt-wipes did on June 1, 2013 at Camden Yards.

Twenty-five year old Matt Fortese is a life long Yankees fan (obviously he has issues) and was attending the O’s game at Camden Yards with a young lady. The couple was on their second date. Fortese was wearing a Yankees cap which made him the object of taunts and derision from two jerks behind him. By the sixth inning, we are going to assume that the two hecklers had consumed enough “liquid courage” to where they threw a beer at Fortese, hitting him in the head. Fortese was not happy (who would be?) and confronted the two idiots.

One of the idiots threw a punch knocking Fortese backwards where he stumbled and fell over the railing of the wall, and down onto the concrete below.

O’s, City Council and Mayor Ferrante?

The Baltimore Orioles lost last night to the Tampa Bay Rays while the Yankees were beating the Boston Red Sox. The Rays played hard until the very end of the season while the Red Sox rolled over for their arch enemies and surrendered liken beaten dogs.

Oh well.

That means the O’s travel to Texas to play the Rangers on Friday for the Wild Card “play in” game.

If the O’s lose, we won’t be happy, but neither will be sad. It was a great year and a lot of fun watching the O’s play the game like we remember Orioles of old playing. In fact, they reminded us of a Little League team playing for the sheer joy of the game and not a paycheck.

(But still, we hope the win on Friday.)

We will work on our regular summation of the City Council meeting and that should go up tomorrow. Highlight of the night has to be a Council Member trying to figure out how to get around the First Amendment as well as the Freedom of Information Act. We just sat there shaking our heads.

One interesting thing happened after the meeting……. Mayor Ferrante asked our buddy Steve the name of this site because he said he wanted to read something on it. Hmmmmm….

If you are online when the Mayor is, wave “hi!”

Until tomorrow……

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