The Brevard County “Gestapo.”

Wayne Ivey is NOT the head of the “Gestapo.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We have been told that there might be some confusion as to whether we are saying that the Brevard County Deputies and therefore Wayne Ivey are or acted like the “Gestapo.” We want to make this clear because even though we say it in this post, some people are missing what we are saying. Claiming that Brevard County Deputies in their arrest of Janice Crisp were somehow, as she claims, “the Gestapo” is not only wrong, it is an insult to those who suffered at the hands of the real Gestapo during the Nazi Germany era. Crisp’s claim is factually wrong and morally reprehensible. Hopefully this clears up any comprehension issues.)

When we went back and reviewed the footage of the arrest of Janice Crisp and associate prior to a Brevard School Board meeting, we realized that we had missed something. Something which is important in our eyes.

As Crisp is being led away, she calls the officers the “Gestapo.”

From here on out, Crisp has lost the discussion and debate on masking or whatever point she was trying to make. One theoretical reason is what is called “Godwin’s law:”

This Was Inevitable.

Two people planning to speak against the Brevard Public Schools mask mandate were arrested and removed from the property before a Tuesday School Board meeting.

Janice Crisp, a conservative activist who staged a mask burning protest at the last School Board meeting, and an unidentified man were led away from the district headquarters in Viera in handcuffs before the 5:30 meeting and put in Brevard County Sheriff’s Office vehicles.

Former Brevard County Commissioner Candidate Arrested.

(image courtesy BCSO)

Former Brevard County Commissioner Candidate Matt Fleming has been arrested for “battery domestic violence,” – a misdemeanor – according to records from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

(click for larger image in a new tab)

According to the affidavit, Fleming and his brother John got into an argument and Matt struck John on the back of the head with such force that it caused John’s head to move forward.

The incident was caught on a security camera.

Fleming has a court appearance today.

Fleming ran against Curt Smith for Seat 4 for the County Commission. He did not win a single precinct.

DeSantis Vacates Official’s Seat. Paging Randy Fine….

Gov. DeSantis declares vacant seat on Alachua County School Board following concerns about Diyonne McGraw’s residency

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Governor Ron DeSantis declared a vacant seat on the Alachua County School Board Thursday evening, following a lawsuit filed against school board member Diyonne McGraw, accusing her of running in the wrong district.

The Governor issued executive order 21-147 declaring the vacancy.

BREVARD COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD: First Amendment Crushed In Their Hands. (“Liberal Left” Is “Name Calling.”)

On March 9, 2021, the Brevard County School Board held a meeting at 5:30 PM. One of the items that was not an agenda item but did come up was a document sent by the school system to employees on for working with LGBTQ students. People who supported the document and newly declared rights of LGBTQ students as well as those opposed to the document lined up both outside the building and made comments during the public comment portion of the meeting.

We are not going to talk about the document or the guidelines. That’s a post for another day.

We are however, going to talk about how the Board sought to restrict people’s rights as codified in the First Amendment.

Prior to comments from the public, Chair Misty Belford read the rules for public comments. Those rules included time limits (3:00 minutes,) and pandemic protocols. At timestamp 00:58:00 Belford reads the following:

CARES Funds Go To County Employees Who Are On The Job And Being Paid.

Last Tuesday we watched as the Brevard County Commission presented grants from the Federal CARES funds that had been sent to the County.

According to the US Treasury Department:

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress with overwhelming, bipartisan support and signed into law by President Trump on March 27th, 2020. This over $2 trillion economic relief package delivers on the Trump Administration’s commitment to protecting the American people from the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19.

The CARES Act provides fast and direct economic assistance for American workers, families, and small businesses, and preserve jobs for our American industries.

We want to take a small look at the proposals made by Commissioner Bryan Lober.

BREVARD COUNTY: Rules Don’t Apply To Sitting Mayors. (REMF’s)

Palm Bay Mayor William Capote is running for County Commissioner for District 5.

It is not unusual for people to see political signs all over the place this time of year.

Capote has signs out as well which is to be expected.

What is not expected is that he is placing signs in the city right of way which is against the current sign code. That would be the sign code that the Mayor voted for twice in the last year.

To our way of thinking, this leads to two questions:
1) Where the heck is code enforcement? These signs are all over Palm Bay in the right of way. It is the responsibility and the duty of Code Enforcement to gather up the signs when the signs are placed illegally. Is Capote getting a pass because he is the Mayor?
2) Even if we assume that Capote himself is not putting the signs out, is he so oblivious to them being in the right of way not to tell the people in his campaign to not place them in illegal locations? If he is not putting out the signs, is he just letting his campaign workers be on the front lines of breaking the code while he sits in City Hall with his feet up on his desk?

The Mating Calls of Government: Photos And Taxes.

Today at 9 AM, a bunch of elected officials and employees from the City of Palm Bay and Brevard County will gather for a “ribbon cutting ceremony” for the infamous “Interchange to Nowhere.”

The interchange has been plagued by lies, failed government deals, failed negotiations, expired permits, money spent to keep the FDOT portion of the interchange open, and posturing between the County Commission and the Palm Bay City Council.

No intelligent human being could ever think that the exchange should be celebrated much less gathering people together for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The bizarre thing is that while both the County Commission and the Palm Bay City Council have been telling residents to avoid social gatherings and “be responsible,” last week Palm Bay Mayor Capote (the REMF) reminded people of the ribbon cutting ceremony and hoped people would come out to watch and celebrate.

How hypocritical and tone deaf can a group of elected officials be?

We realize that the mating call of a photo op is strong for officials, but what kind of message is being sent to the people of Palm Bay and un-incorporated Brevard County?

“When it comes to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19, do as we say, not as we do?”

We can’t wait to see the photos from this ceremony because when the ribbon is cut, the person doing the cutting shouldn’t have anyone within a 6 foot radius, right? That’s what we have been told and warned, right?

To us, it is also a case of money. To some extent we may be being petty here, but we guarantee that officials aren’t even buying the ribbon. After wasting tons of taxpayer money, the final insult may be “taxpayers need to buy the supplies so we can celebrate how great we are.”

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