Cocoa Beach: Dave Netterstrom -Deja Vu All Over Again.

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Stop us if you have heard this one before.

Dave Netterstrom has quit before the end of his commitment.

In April of 2018, Netterstrom announced he was running for the Cape Canaveral Port Authority commissioner in District 5.

Now, less than 2 months later, Netterstrom has left the race.

The race for Canaveral Port Authority commissioner in District 5 has a new twist, as a third Republican candidate dropped out of the campaign.

Former Cocoa Beach Mayor Dave Netterstrom withdrew from the race, saying his heart is just not in it to campaign for the seat.

That leaves three Republicans and one Democrat seeking the seat now held by Tom Weinberg, who is not seeking re-election.

In November of 2015, Netterstrom resigned as Mayor of the City of Cocoa Beach effective December 31, 2015.

As we posted at the time, Netterstrom wrote in an open letter to the residents of Cocoa Beach:

All good things must end and unfortunately that time has come. I must stop playing and get back to work. At the end of the year, I will resign my position as Mayor (a job highly recommend) so I can clear my mind and focus on new opportunities. As many of you are aware, I’ve been purchasing distressed properties and flipping them to new owners. As the economy gets better, my business model is changing (bad for me, great for everyone else) and 2016 will be an exciting transition time for me.

In 2016 Netterstrom, apparently with a clear mind, focused on the new opportunity of running for the Clerk of the Courts. In November of 2016, he was rather soundly beaten by Scott Ellis with Ellis getting twice the number of votes Netterstrom received. ( 198,2398 votes (67.47%) to 95,657 votes (32.53%))

(Of interest is that Netterstrom ran against Ellis without any party affiliation. For the Port Authority seat, he was running as a Republican. Make up your mind, Dave.)

This past week, Netterstrom said this about dropping out of the Port Canaveral race:

Cocoa Beach: Tumulty Has Memory Problems And Look Who Supports Him.

This post started out looking at one thing and then made a hard turn into another direction.

We got sent a link to a site supporting Tim Tumulty who is running for Seat 4 on the Cocoa Beach Commission against Skip Williams. What caught our eye was in the description of Tumulty, as we read this:

-No highrise development- The will of the people is the deciding factor.

This is a jaw dropping claim. Tumulty must think that if you tell a lie enough, that people will believe you.

One only needs to go back to when Tumult was on the City Commission both as a Commissioner and serving as mayor after Dave Netterstrom resigned. (Tumulty was never elected to the position of Mayor.) During the Ocean Dunes discussions, Tumulty made it clear that he wanted the height limits raised. In furthering that agenda, he voted for the variance to allow the Ocean Dunes condos to be built in spite of the voter supported City Charter provision that established the height limit at 45 feet.

Tumulty and his friends decided that the people weren’t the deciding factor and instead voted against the clear position of the residents.

Now he wants people to forget that. He is, in essence, saying “listen to me! Don’t look at what I did in the past! Listen to my words now!”

That was to be the original focus of this post – that Tumulty says one thing and does another.

But then things took a turn as we wondered “who is running that site?”

Cocoa Beach: Breaking Away, Workshops And Vultures.

Bear with us on this one…..

Tonight at 6:00 PM at City Hall, the City Commission will host a workshop on proposed ballot amendments to be voted upon this November by residents. The agenda for the meeting can be found here. Please take note of the earlier time of 6:00 PM rather than the normal Commission meeting time of 7:00 PM.

The Charter Review Committee is making the following proposals:

1) Building Height Limit
Ballot Title: Cocoa Beach City Charter Amendment Revising Building Height-Related Charter Provisions
Ballot Summary: Amending the City Charter to revise height-related charter provisions, change the Charter building height limit from 45 feet above crown of abutting road to 70 feet (excluding 8 feet of unoccupied rooftop appurtenances) above a defined Base Elevation (which accounts for flood elevations), and change the number of commissioner votes necessary to approve comprehensive plan changes increasing permissible building height up to the 70 feet building height limit from five votes to four.____ Yes____ No

2) Charter Cleanup
Ballot Title: Cocoa Beach City Charter Cleanup Amendment Ballot Summary: Shall the Cocoa Beach City Charter be amended to make certain technical, corrective and conforming changes to the Charter to correct scrivener’s and grammatical errors, provide clarifying definitions relating to City boards, committees and departments, conform City budget procedures to current state law, and add clarifications to make the Charter easier to read and understand?____ Yes____ No

(NOTE: We don’t see how the height and the 5-0 vote change can be tied together on one ballot question. They are two separate issues and will force people who want to the height changed, but not the voting requirements changed and vice versa to make a choice of one part coming along with the other. We aren’t sure if that is legal or not. Usually the different parts of an amendment like this are separated and we believe they should be.)

There is also the “Williams Proposal” which reads:

Cocoa Beach: From The Comments (Which We Always Read.)

A reader by the name of “Francis” left this comment on our post entitled “Cocoa Beach / Palm Bay / Satellite Beach: Petitions! Online And In Person” from May 17, 2018.

To AAfterit

An individual resident or business owner that is trying to retrofit or build a new structure in the City of Cocoa Beach is faced with various city building site issues. Some residents felt that Commissioner Williams had a good idea with his ‘proposal request’ but his attempt to discuss and add his ballot proposal was not successful at the commissioners’ previous meeting. On 5/17 the Cocoa Beach City Commissioners decided to postpone their response to another request from a local citizen’s group to also add that proposed amendment to the November ballot.

Current Florida Statues’ with regard to municipal charter amendment changes that occur after the baseline year 2011 could put our current city charter requirements in legal jeopardy.

Note: Florida Statute 163.3167, paragraph 8, indicates that any initiative or referendum pertaining to a development order might be prohibited if we try to change anything in our City Charter related to development orders; updates might be considered a conflict with the Florida Statute if legally challenged.

What would a judge decide…, throw out everything in our city charter or revert back to the existing charter terminology??? No one knows.

Cocoa Beach: Tim Tumulty And Attention To Details.

So former Mayor Tim Tumulty is running for the City Commission seat now held by Skip Williams.

Back in 2016, Tumulty ran for the Florida House of Representatives only to lose to Tom Goodson in the primary.

This year, Tumulty was going to run for County Commissioner from District 2, replacing Jim Barfield who had announced that he would be leaving and not seeking re-election. Tumulty pulled out of that election in January of this year in a politically orchestrated move with other candidates. (After Tumulty dropped out, Robyn Hattaway, the person who he thought was the best person to win the job of County Commissioner, left the County race and moved to the Canaveral Port Authority race instead. (Ah yes, the convictions of politicians and those who support them.)

So as we said, Tumulty decided he would run for Williams seat in Cocoa Beach.

Someone forgot to tell his graphics people. In a Facebook post, Tumulty posted this:

Cocoa Beach / Palm Bay / Satellite Beach: Petitions! Online And In Person.

The Cocoa Beach group gathering signatures for a ballot initiative on building heights in the City has to take the day off today because of other things in their lives. They are reporting good results in finding people to sign the petition, but obviously they need more people to help. If you are concerned about this issue and want to help, drop us a line and we’ll forward it to the right people who will then contact you. Even if you can help them collect signatures or talk to people for an hour would be a huge help.

The folks in Palm Bay will be back at the (called the South Mainland Service Complex) at 450 Cogan Drive SE, today from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

(click for larger image)

They too are facing a monumental task and if you want to help, you can contact them or drop us a line and we’ll forward that to them for you.

There is a new group in the petition drive arena as well.

A group called “Satellite Beach Sustainable Outreach” has an online petition for a moratorium on certain types of development until the issues with water / sewage infrastructure in the area have been addressed.

Their petition reads (in part):

Cocoa Beach / Palm Bay: Signature Collection Locations. Get Involved!

We’ve discussed the two citizens groups in Palm Bay and in Cocoa Beach that are gathering signatures to get amendments onto the ballot in November. Whether you agree or disagree with them is not really the issue. These are people who are willing to put their time and effort into getting things done in their respective city. They aren’t getting paid. They take some abuse from passers by and it is hot out there.

We applaud and support their involvement. Let the issues be decided in November, but all legally registered voters should all get out there and sign their petitions. We need more citizens being involved rather than fewer.

We got notice from the folks in Cocoa Beach that they will be gathering signatures on their petition concerning building heights.

Today the group will be located at the Cocoa Beach Public Library, 550 North Brevard Avenue from 9 AM to 2 PM.

(click for larger image)

The Palm Bay Citizen’s Group is still at the DMV / Tax Collector’s Office (called the South Mainland Service Complex) at 450 Cogan Drive SE through Thursday, from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

Cocoa Beach / Palm Bay: Making A Difference, One Signature At A Time.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We screwed up.

This post was not supposed to be out in the wild until today. Some of you may have seen it on the blog yesterday. Eghads! We had been shifting posts around, waiting for locations and dates and we forgot to change the date this would hit the blog. Our apologies. Look at it this way, if you read this post yesterday and liked it, think how much nicer it will be reading it a second time.

We noted the other day that Cocoa Beach has started a petition drive to get an issue onto the ballot this fall. Although we haven’t covered it, Palm Bay has a citizen’s group having a petition drive as well to get a different issue on the local ballot in November.

In 2016, Palm Bay voters voted to amend the City Charter to allow the City Council to pass special assessments on real property in the area in order to help with the infrastructure of roads, drainage, sewage, water, etc that affects those specific properties. Prior to the vote, citizens that were going to be affected had a voice in the levying of the special assessments. We believe that most people thought that the rates the Council would impose would be in line with other rates and fees that had been previously passed. Instead, the Council (Councilmen Santiago, Holton and Anderson) voted to increase the special assessment rates by 400%. In a packed meeting with the residents who would be actually paying the fees, the Council basically said “we can do it and so we are going to do it. If you don’t like it, get out.”

People in the area thought that the vote was a betrayal of promises made by all of the Councilmen of limited taxes and fees and that the amendment was nothing more than Trojan horse that stated one purpose of helping people and the city, while in actuality it harmed people extensively.

In light of this, a group formed to have placed on the ballot an amendment that would return the Charter to the pre-2016 language.


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