There Is A God.

We were beginning to worry.

You see, when Maryland stunned Hopkins last week in the NCAA Lacrosse tournament, we were worried how the semi-final game of Maryland vs. Duke would fit into our schedule. There were two possible game times – 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM. The problem is that a 2:30 PM game would be right in the middle of appearing on the Steve Bussey Radio Experience.

We had to pray for the 5:00 PM game.

Thankfully, our prayers were answered and the Maryland vs. Duke game is at 5:00 PM.

This will be the third time this year the Terps and the Blue Devils have met. After beating Duke 10-7 at College Park in March, the Terps lost to Duke in the ACC Tournament in April by a score of 6-5. We have to say that the two teams do not reflect the teams that played in March – they are both much better. To some extent, they are not the same two teams that played in the ACC Tournament. Duke has turned on the jets and loves to run even more than they did. Maryland has adopted more or a slow down approach with a clamp down defense.

When you look at the stats, the game is as close as can be, given each teams strengths and propensities.

We believe shots will be at a premium for this game which means the goalies will probably hold the key to the game.

It should be a good one. At stake is a spot in the Championship game on Monday against the winner of the Loyola vs. Notre Dame game.

Living Large As A Turtle.


After the radio show yesterday we scooted on home and watched the recording of the Maryland vs. Hopkins NCAA lacrosse quarterfinal game.

Final score: Maryland 11 Hopkins 5.

On to the semi-finals!

Maryland played a type of game that lacrosse fans do not like. The Terps slowed the pace down while incurring 13 stall warnings for the game. Lacrosse is known as the “fastest game on two feet,” but the game seemed a little more like the “fastest games turtles play.” How slow was the game? Not only did Maryland receive all those stall warnings, Hopkins had only 16 shots, the lowest total in its NCAA Tournament history that spans 40 years and 99 games.

But this game was more than just about the pace.

Unofficial time-of-possession stats, according to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times, had Maryland with a roughly 2-to-1 advantage, thanks to the Terps winning the groundball (26-15), face-off (12-8 and turnover (Hop had 14 to UM’s 10) battles.

Additionally, Hopkins cleared just 14-of-21, down from their 89% rate on the season.

This was the Maryland team fans had wanted to see all year. Their passes were crisp and on target. Best of all the defense, led by goalie Niko Amato, were outstanding. Hopkins is a little deeper and more talented than Maryland, and the Maryland defenders never let the Hopkins’ offense breathe.

It is a good day in Turtleland.

2012 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Seeds Announced. Let The Fun Begin!

It’s time for May Madness when the Division I NCAA Lacrosse Championship tournament begins this coming weekend. Sixteen teams will be fighting to make it to Foxborough, Massachusetts for Championship Weekend May 26 – 28, 2012.

We have to say the game has come a long way since we first started playing it. We used to listen to the championship game on the radio and if we were lucky, ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” would carry an abbreviated version of the game to or three weeks after the game was played.

Now the CBS Sports Network and the ESPN Family of Networks carry games throughout the season. ESPN will be telecasting every game of the tournament live, including the championship game on Memorial Day. The exposure has helped the sport grow to the point where it has the largest live attendance for a championship game in the entire NCAA.

We never thought we’d see that happen.

Here are the first round matchups for the tournament including the times and networks where you can watch the games:

Terps vs Devils – The ACC Lacrosse Tournament Begins.

Today the ACC Lacrosse Tournament begins with our beloved #8 ranked Maryland Terrapins taking on the #3 ranked Blue Devils of Duke at Klockner Stadium on the University of Virginia campus.

Maryland beat Duke earlier this year 10 – 7 at a game that was played in College Park. It is fair to say that both teams barely resemble the teams that faced off against each other that April Saturday.

Duke has won their last 8 straight and is definitely on a roll. Maryland has struggled this year and seems to generally play to the level of their competition. Last week’s win against Johns Hopkins was not only a much needed victory, but finally the defense managed to play a complete game, holding Hopkins to only one goal in the second half. Maryland is going to have to play that well against the Blue Devils to come away with a victory in today’s game.

The game begins at 5:00 PM, and can be seen on ESPNU, as well as being heard on The game can also be followed using Gametracker, so you can follow the game surreptitiously while at work. Just don’t tell your boss that we told you do so.

The nightcap (also known as the JV game – JUST KIDDING!) has North Carolina taking on Virginia. Both teams are ranked and this too should be a good game that you can watch on ESPNU.

Enjoy the games and remember to Fear the Turtle!

Are You Ready For Some Radio?

TGIF. Man oh man. We spent the day yesterday recovering from a flood caused by water heater that burst. Why is it that those things never seem to come apart in the daytime? On top of that, our friends from AT&T spent three hours here trying to fix our telephone.

Every try and clean up a flood, while a guy is soldering in a new water heater and another guy is yelling “how’s that?” every couple of minutes? It is not fun.

But as of this writing we are dry, able to talk on the phone, and really really tired.

Anyway, we are going to be back on the radio tomorrow on the Steve Bussey Radio Experience between 2 and 4 PM EDT on WMEL AM 1300. If you aren’t in the Space or Treasure Coast of Florida, you can catch us on the internet or on your cell phones.

One of our guests for the 3 o’clock hour is going to be Jack Ames of the Defend Life Organization. Jack was one of the protestors who was falsely arrested by law enforcement officers in the state of Maryland. He is going to be on to discuss what happened during the arrest, the case, the lawsuit, and the settlement they received. We covered the incident here, but after talking with Jack, there is a lot more that needs to be said. the Defend Life’s story will be a part of our overall theme of “how liberalism harms women.”

“Your Son Has Been Arrested For Being Able To Fix A Lacrosse Stick…..”

Graham Dennis and Casey Edsall are two high school students who play lacrosse. (Right off the bat, we like them.) Last year as they were boarding their team bus, the principal of Easton High School (Maryland) said he was going to search the equipment bags of players as the school had received a tip that there might be alcohol in some of the bags.

When he got to the bags of Dennis, he told the principal he would find a small knife and a multi-purpose tool in his bag. Edsall told the principal he would find a small knife in his gear bag as well.

Sure enough, the principle found a 2 inch knife in a plastic bag within the gear bags. The principal also found the multi-purpose tool and a lighter in the bag of Edsall.

The boys used the tools to fix lacrosse sticks if needed on the sidelines. In case you aren’t familiar with fixing lacrosse sticks, a multi-purpose tool would be used for something like replacing the head on a stick, or used to pull the twine lacing of a stick through the head. A knife would be used to trim the laces and as the lased are made of nylon, a lighter is used to melt the cut ends so the laces don’t unravel.

In our mind, that is a perfectly legitimate thing to carry in a gear bag. Sticks break. That is all there is to it and if you can’t fix the stick, you either don’t play or you have to use someone elses stick which is a lot like wearing someone elses underwear. (Players are that picky about their sticks, the way they are strung, the webbing, etc.)

The principal, however, did not see tools of the stick repairing trade. No, he saw dangerous weapons. So dangerous in fact, that Dennis was taken to the principal’s office where the police were called and he was placed in handcuffs. Why? Because the schools and the police have a “zero tolerance” policy on things such as knives and lighters in public schools. After all, a knife with a two inch blade can….ummmmm…. well it can cut some string. And the lighter? Well, that is classified as an “explosive device.”

We kid you not.

“I’m A Police Officer And I Know The Law.” Uh…No, You Don’t.

Before we begin, we want to say that being in law enforcement is a difficult job. We mean that sincerely.

That being said, being a police officer doesn’t give one the right to act like an ignorant bully on steroids.

On August 1, 2008, Maryland State Troopers, members of the Harford County Sheriff’s office as well as other law enforcement agencies arrested a group of anti-abortion protestors from a pro-life, pro-family, Roman Catholic organization called Defend Life for…. well, what they were arrested for is part of the story.

According to the police, the protestors and a judge’s decision in the case, the protestors had set up on a

…grassy shoulder along Route 24, near the intersection of Routes 24 and 924 in Harford County. (Id. ¶ 22.) The demonstrators stood approximately 20 to 40 feet apart from each other and they held signs of varying sizes, between 4 and 5 feet in height and 2 and 3 feet in width that contained pictures and words that conveyed an anti-abortion message.

After receiving calls from motorists complaining that the signs and images the protestors were displaying were “offensive” and “upsetting,” Maryland State Troopers arrived and told the protestors they needed a permit.

After talking with the State Trooper, the protestors moved 4 miles “up the road,” to a place where they believed they were legally allowed to protest.

A few minutes later, the State Police, Harford County Police, and police from the City of Bel Air showed up and started to make arrests. Despite asking many and multiple times as to the reason they were being arrested, the law enforcement officers never told them, but kept the protestors along side of the road for 30 minutes.

During this time, the protestors alleged they were “body searched,” including having female officers look down the shirts of the female protestors, and reaching in the protestors pants to search below the waistline. All of these searches allegedly happened along the side of the road.

The protestors were then taken to a holding cell where they were held without charges for at least 6 hours. The protestors were then moved to a detention center where the females were strip searched by a female officer in a bathroom. The plaintiffs contend the bathroom door was kept open. Still, at this time, no charges had been filed.

Still Fearing The Turtle.

We have been busier than a one armed paper hanging cat in a room full of rocking chairs this past week, but we would be remiss if we didn’t bring up our beloved Maryland Terps lacrosse team.

Coming off a loss to UMBC, the Terps bounced back last Saturday with a good win against Marist, 17-4.

To be honest, it is a game the Terps should have won and they did. We hope this is an indication the Terps are on their way of not playing down to the competition as they did last year and against UMBC this year.

The Terps followed the Marist win up with a convincing win against Villanova, 11-5. The Terps are now 5-1 on the season.

Maryland raced out to a 7-0 lead, holding Villanova scoreless until 4:50 of the second quarter. That is the type of defense you want to see from a team that is vying for a championship.

Up next for the Terps is ACC rival North Carolina in Chapel Hill. The game is this Saturday and will be televised on ESPNU at noon.

In related lacrosse news, the Florida Legislature failed to pass SB266, which would have designated car racing as the state sport of Florida. We will be writing our representatives to introduce the fastest growing sport – lacrosse – as the state sport.

If they have any sense, they will pass that bill.

Fear the Turtle!

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