Palm Bay: The Trash Contract.

The above Facebook post was made a few days ago regarding the letter below sent by Waste Management as to why the company failed to respond to the City of Palm Bay’s RFP for trash removal services.

Here’s the letter:

We’ve seen other posts supporting Waste Management’s position on this and calling for the RFP to be re-issued allowing more companies to bid because of the limited number of companies responding.

Palm Bay: Our Graphic Response To The REMF Copote’s Call For City Manager Morrell To Resign.

It’s been a few days since we wrote about Palm Bay Mayor Capote’s letter to City Manager Morrell asking for her resignation.

We have been trying to figure out the reason and timing for this illogical and divisive action from Capote.

We know that the Mayor was upset with Morrell’s legally required compliance and assistance with the JLAC audit. We know that he was upset that Morrell wouldn’t cover for him on the issue of the improperly supplied car he was driving around. We suspect that he is not thrilled with Waste Management not submitting a proposal for trash removal in the City as it appears Capote wanted Waste Management to get the contract no matter with and that includes not having to compete for it. (After all, if and when he loses his race for the County Commission, we believe he’ll need a job.)

As the days have passed our anger over this has not subsided, and so here is our graphical response to Capote’s call for Morrell’s resignation:

Waste Management And Contract Failures.

This may seem a bit untimely given the “panic” surrounding the coronavirus, but issues facing residents will continue, especially those issues that were around before the start of the panic.

One such issue is that of Waste Management and trash removal contracts.

Way back in February, 2019, the City of Palm Bay decided to notify Waste Management that the City would not be renewing its waste pickup contract with the company and would instead seek to go through a competitive bidding process. At the time, Mayor Capote pushed strongly for allowing the City Manager to “negotiate” with Waste Management instead of ending the contract and going forward with the bidding process. We wrote about the Council meeting where the issue of renegotiation or a bidding process was discussed here and here. It made no sense to us then and even less sense now to give Waste Management exclusive negotiation rights with the City as opposed to having other companies bid on the contract.

The reason we say it makes even less sense now is based on what happened with unincorporated Brevard County, whose residents are looking at a 39% increase in waste pickup fees because the County decided to negotiate only with Waste Management.

Sorry Lober, You’re Wrong. We Don’t Owe Politicians Anything. They Owe Us.

Buckle up and grab some popcorn.

The above is a response in a Facebook thread from Bryan Lober who warms the District Two Seat on the Brevard County Commission.

How that response came to be is almost as interesting as it is wrong.

We’ll get to why the response is wrong in a moment, but let’s start with what triggered this whole mess.

A few days ago, people were receiving texts from an unknown source. Here’s the copy of the text. (We have blurred the phone number.)

Palm Bay: Tone Deaf.

“Do ya think they’ll notice we aren’t listening?”

Oh what a night it was in the City of Palm Bay Council Chambers last night.

At 6:30 PM Mayor Capote gave his annual “State of the City” speech. As usual, these types of speeches – particularly from Capote – are more “rah rah” than substance.

However, usually these types of speeches not only highlight the good things that are happening, but the challenges that lay ahead. That’s simply not Capote’s style. Despite the fact that the City was dragged before the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee after the Committee found 31 violations of policies and the law within a 16 month span, no mention of that was made. It would have been the proper thing to mention the JLAC Report and how far along the City was in correcting the violations, but that was not to be.

The Mayor did not mention the FBI reports concerning violations of the law by current and former City Council members.

The Denninghoff Memo.

There has been an ongoing conflict between the City of Palm Bay and Brevard County concerning the “exchange to nowhere” and the connecting roads.

During the last City Council meeting on February 6, Palm Bay Councilmen ripped into the County on a variety of issues.

However, a week before that, on January 29, Brevard County Assistant Manager and head of the Development and Environmental Services Group, had sent an email to the City of Palm Bay and specifically to Deputy City Manager Suzanne Sherman as to the state of the negotiations between the City and the County.

The email was referenced at last Tuesday’s County Commission meeting in a discussion concerning the negotiations with Palm Bay on the proposed inter-local agreement. (ILA)

What caught our ear was the fact that the email implies the negotiations were a “sham” when viewed from the point of view of the County.

We decided to ask for the email which is found below.

Palm Bay: We Don’t Need To Elect Officials Who Believe Laws Don’t Matter.

Janice Crisp is running for Palm Bay City Council Seat 2.

We have run across Crisp before who has some strange ideas when it comes to the press and bloggers. For example, she claims that the press must be licensed by the state.

That’s obviously not true, and so we try and stay away from people with ideas like that. To think that they are seeking public office where they can write and and vote on laws without basic understanding of legal principles is frightening to us.

On Tuesday, Crisp spoke in front of the Brevard County Commission. Normally we wouldn’t say anything, but her comments are bizarre.

We took the time to transcribe them.

I’m from Palm Bay and I’m running for City Council. What I would like to speak with you guys about is the process in which people are able to request public records. I know that there’s been an increase in what you have to pay but what I’m here to talk about is how the process and how people are identified – are we letting real people or just people who make internet requests.

BREAKING NEWS: Planning And Zoning Board Votes Against Time Limits For Signs On Private Property.

Call an ambulance as we are having a heart attack.

The Palm Bay Planning and Zoning Board voted last night to end time restrictions on signs.

We honestly thought they would rubber stamp the City Staff recommendation to keep the time limits in place.

The removal of the section now heads to the City Council where hopefully this thing can die the death it deserved years ago.

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