Palm Bay: Santiago And Anderson Deflect City’s Responsibilities, Blame Informed Voters For Voting. Part 1 Of 2.

After last week’s election on Tuesday, the Palm Bay City Council had a regular meeting on Thursday during which time Councilmen Santiago and Anderson addressed the election results on the three referendums.

As we often do, we transcribed the comments and are going to fisk their and see how they stack up.

The comments start out with those of Councilman Santiago at 2:47:00 of the meeting.

I wanted to …and again I also congratulate the Petition Committee. They worked very hard, they went out there, they gathered signatures, and I know there was a alot, there was some skepticism, as far as whether they received all the signatures. It wasn’t counted, that is a fact, and it was something that because the way our Charter is written, because of the way the petition packet that they received from us, which they then went out, because it wasn’t counted by the Supervisor of Elections,…. unfortunately things went the way that they did, we as Council decided, well, because of the way things went, because basically it could become a litigious situation, we went ahead and brought it forth on the special election here.

If it is a “fact” that the signatures were not counted, that is another in a long list of failures by the City.

Palm Bay Votes.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We don’t normally do this, but we are going to “sticky” this post at the top of the blog page through tomorrow. We are doing so in order that residents of Palm Bay can read and discuss the issue and be reminded to vote on this Tuesday.)

Citizens of Palm Bay will head to the polls on November 5, 2019 to vote on three referendums that were brought about by a citizen initiated petition drive.

We want to address some of the issues the three referendum raise.

We are taking our information directly from the City’s website as we want to dissect the information the City is putting out before the voters.

A group of Palm Bay voters formed a committee to petition for a change to Section 6.02 regarding special assessments. The City Clerk delivered the petition to the County Supervisor of Elections to verify the signatures. The Supervisor of Elections rejected the form. Consequently, Council was unable to validate the signatures. Council subsequently agreed to call a special election for the proposed Charter Amendment.

If you vote ‘Yes’ – it means:

  • If a proposed project affects more than fifty property owners or costs more than $25,000, the City cannot implement a special assessment until the majority of affected property owners return a ballot approving the assessment.
  • If you vote ‘No’ – it means:

  • City Council shall have the power to impose special assessments after legal notice and public hearings as required by law
  • (more…)

    Randy Fine And The “Exchange To Nowhere”

    In case you missed it, last week State Representative Randy Fine attacked the City of Palm Bay for “incompetence” on the part of the City that he described as “breathtaking” concerning the so called “exchange to nowhere”

    Several publications covered Fine’s pronouncement and take on the situation:

    When Fine’s office asked Palm Bay city officials when the connecting road would be completed, they were unable to provide an immediate answer and said they needed to hold meetings to determine an answer.

    “The level of incompetence here is so breathtaking that it is almost beyond comprehension,” said Fine.

    “Palm Bay agreed with FDOT to build this connecting road in 2013, and to not get it done over six years – while asking the state and federal government to spend $27.8 million – should be criminal. To not even be able to say when it will be finished is unconscionable. If you can’t build a road, you shouldn’t rule a city.

    And an almost duplicate story from

    The city told Fine, whose south Brevard seat encompasses the entirety of Palm Bay, it doesn’t know when the so-called “interchange to nowhere” will get the connecting road it’s waiting on. City officials said they would need to hold meetings before they could give an answer.

    Fine is livid — to the point he’s questioning whether Palm Bay should even be a city.

    “The level of incompetence here is so breathtaking that it is almost beyond comprehension,” Fine said.

    Palm Bay: Always The Victim.

    “Homeless advocate” Thomas Rebman took to Facebook the other day to announce that he had won a case against Tara Pariso. Pariso, who heads up the South Brevard Sharing Center, was seeking to have Rebman stop making defamatory and false claims against her and the South Brevard Sharing Center.

    Pariso’s lawsuit was doomed from the start for a variety of reasons, but the good news is that people who have actually worked with the South Brevard Sharing Center have made Rebman’s accusations against the organization a “cause célèbre” allowing the organization to get more publicity and more donations as people who work with, and have been actually helped by the South Brevard Sharing Center rallied to their defense.

    That’s a good thing in our mind.

    Yet there is something else.

    Apparently Rebman feels that a judge dismissing a case means the comments he made about Pariso and the South Brevard Sharing Center are true. That’s not necessarily true, but we want to back the legal train up a bit to last month – September in fact, when Rebman sought an order of protection against the mother of a former student and lost.

    The Pariso case and the Nunekemp case are very similar. There was the same accusations made by Rebman and Pariso. In the filings you can see that Rebman claimed Nunenkemp (image here) was stalking him, just as Pariso claimed Rebman was stalking her and the South Brevard Sharing Center (image here).

    Both cases were heard by the same judge – the Honorable David E. Silverman.

    In both cases, Rebman believes he is a victim. To us, that seems to be a pattern than anytime someone pushes back or disagrees with him, he claims to be a victim. It is almost as if in his mind he hears a voice saying “how dare those people make true statements! I am a victim of truth!”

    Logically, if Rebman believes that Pariso’s claim against him was dismissed because he was telling the truth, then it follows that his complaint against Nunekemp was not based on the truth either.

    Palm Bay: Rebman Loses In Court, Follows Up With A Hypocritical Post On Another Agency Helping The Homeless.

    Odyssey Charter School teacher and self proclaimed homeless advocate / expert Thomas F. Rebman is back on our radar today.

    You may remember that Rebman has been making comments and posts about others making false accusations against him, his wife, etc. To some extent, we covered his rants in this post.

    In that post we noted that Rebman threatened us with legal action as he has threatened others as well.

    What we didn’t say in the post but was public record and known within the community was that Rebman had at the time filed a complaint against the mother of one of his former students for harassment and stalking. The complaint was filed on August 8, 2019 and a hearing was scheduled for September 17, 2019.

    Perhaps the most damning accusation in the complaint was that the mother and daughter had come onto the Odyssey Charter School property and attempted to follow Rebman.

    Palm Bay: The Rebman Chronicles. (Cont.)

    Thomas Redman, of whom we have spoken about previously, decided to make another post on people that he feels are “harassing” him or whatever.

    We were sent the location of posts that Rebman had made on Facebook on August 31, 2019. With that information, we went and grabbed a screen shot of the post:

    Where to begin?

    Palm Bay: Rebman Again Proves A Source Of Content For Us. (Self-Awareness 101.)

    Thomas Rebman posted this yesterday and we feel compelled to respond to another non-sensical rant from him.

    He asks that people “share this post,” and we are happy not only to share the post, but to fisk it as well.

    Palm Bay: First Property, Now Businesses.

    A certain homeless “advocate” is at it again.

    (click on image for larger version in new window.)

    Mr. Rebman has made similar comments before when it comes to property owners and property rights. He told the Palm Bay City Council that they had agreed not to trespass people off of property they do not own. (Of course, once a property owner has notified people they are not wanted on the property, the City has no choice in the matter. They have to follow the law on trespassing.)

    Rebman then proclaimed he had helped “relocate” people from one property which he does not own to another property which he does not own, essentially saying “the rights and safety of the property owners don’t matter.” It is a seeming pattern from Rebman that his “cause” and “beliefs” outweigh the rights of others.

    The above post by him is another example of that belief.

    We think it is right and appropriate to look at what is being said by Rebman.

    First, we want to give context to the sign.

    It appears the sign is from a store in Eugene, Oregon.

    As KEXI Channel 9 in Eugene wrote on May 29, 2019:

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