Fiance Blames Police For Saving Her Life.

Far too often we criticize the police for doing bone headed things and or things that are against the law.

Like any profession, there are people in law enforcement that are average in their job, lousy in their job, and great in their job. Unfortunately, far too many people try to lump all police in the “they’re great” or “they are horrible” category.

The truth lies in-between.

Which brings us to the case out of Baltimore where 49 year old Timothy Fleming was shot and killed by police after threatening his fiance Shannon Burnham with a knife and trying to kill her. (We apologize for doing so many Baltimore stories lately.)

She hasn’t slept. The terrifying events from Sunday still burned in her mind. Baltimore police shot and killed her fiancé who was holding her at knife point.

“I was scared but we were trying to talk him out of it, talk him down,” said Burnham.

The Shooting And Death Of Ronald Davis.

We have been critical of the actions of police in certain instances here at Raised on Hoecakes. Generally speaking, those criticisms involve corrupt officers who are supported by the “thin blue line” of other officers and police unions. At some point we hope that officers say that the corrupt cops hurt the reputation of the good cops, casting all police in the same light. That’s a problem to us and we wish it would stop.

However, not all of the actions of police are wrong and unwarranted even when their actions result in the death of a civilian.

Take the case of Ronald Davis of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Davis, who was 31, was shot and killed by St. Paul Police Officer Steven Mattson on September 15, 2019. Davis has been described as gentle man who gotten married, was a father and just graduated school. He was a “gentle person” who was “always polite,” according to a site called Fight Back News!

This is how the same site describes what happened:

After allegedly bumping his vehicle into the back of a cop car, he stepped out of his vehicle and Mattson gunned him down.

Because of the outcry from the community on this incident, the police released the body-cam footage of the incident from Officer Mattson.

EDITOR’S NOTE: NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Video includes language and violence.

The Sterling Brown Video.

Yesterday we mentioned two incidents that are in the news. The saddest is the death of a young female police officer by the name of Amy Caprio who was run over by a 16 year old who was part of a gang robbing homes in Baltimore County. Caprio will never return home due to the stupidity and selfish acts of the teens who will probably spend much of their adult life behind bars (if not all of it.)

The other incident is the tazing / use of a stun gun by the Milwaukee Police on NBA guard Sterling Brown.

The police department released the video and it is, to say the least, disturbing.

The incident starts when an officer approaches Brown who is illegally parked in a Walgreens parking lot. Brown is park perpendicular and across three parking spaces, including several spaces reserved for the handicapped.

The parking is ridiculous on Brown’s part. While it is raining, late and the lot is does not have many cars in it, there is no need to park the way he did.

As Brown exits the Walgreens, an officer approaches him in what we believe is a confrontational manner.

Instead of just talking to Brown, explaining that he can’t be parked like he was and writing a ticket, the officer wants to know Brown’s name, what he is doing there, etc. The officer steps closer to Brown and then claims that Brown is “all up in [his] face,” and demands that Brown step back.

If the officer had just written a ticket, none of what follows would have happened.

The officer makes a call on his radio and within moments, there are seven (7) police cars and eight (8) officers on the scene.

Must have been a really slow night for that much show of force.

(Just write the daggone ticket!)

How To (Illegally) Get A Gun And Permit In New York City.

Alex Lichtenstein had a hot business going.

In New York City, where it is down right impossible to get a permit for a weapon, Lichtenstein had a way to get around that little roadblock of permits being denied to honest citizens.

For $18,000 you could pay Lichtenstein and he would come back to you later on and have a perfectly valid gun permit enabling you to go purchase a gun and keep it in the city. The “illegal” part of “How to Illegally Get A Gun and Permit in New York City” comes into play when one sees how Lichtenstein was obtaining the permits.

A Brooklyn volunteer safety patrol member was charged Monday with bribing cops with $6,000 in cash and other goodies to expedite gun permit requests, and three officers were transferred out of the licensing unit as part of the far-reaching NYPD corruption probe.

Shaya (Alex) Lichtenstein, 44, was so cozy with cops in the License Division that he’d spent nearly every day inside the office in police headquarters since 2014, federal court papers say.

Yep. To get the permits, Lichtenstein was bribing police officers who were in charge of the permitting process.

The amount of bribes to the officers were not too shabby when put together:

Scott, Brown And Gray.

BCPD-Abstract-Colors-ROHEight months after the shooting death Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, the parents of Brown have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Ferguson claiming Brown would be alive if not for the City “foster(ing) a culture of pervasive hostility toward African-Americans that eventually led to the 18-year-old’s death.” (A copy of the lawsuit can be found here.)

The lawsuit is one of those that seeks to shift blame on everyone else. It was the City of Ferguson who forced Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson to commit a strong armed robbery. It was others who demanded that Brown and Johnson walk in the middle of the street. It was others who told Brown to attack Officer Darren Wilson and then later force Wilson to defend himself.

It was that “pervasive hostility” that allowed the grand jury to not indict Wilson. It was that hatred of African Americans that led to the Department of Justice clearing Wilson in the shooting.

Civil trials are funny things where juries can and will ignore facts, but one would hope that if the parents of Michael Brown win one cent, the shop owners and home owners of the City of Ferguson go after any award because of comments made by Brown’s stepfather to “burn this bitch down” to a crowd of rabid protesters looking for any spark to ignite the rage that took over Ferguson.

The death of Brown was not the only death that caught the attention of the American people.

Earlier this month, 50 year old Walter Scott was shot in the back by South Carolina Officer Michael T. Slager as Scott was running away. videos of the events leading up to the shooting, the shooting and following the shooting dramatically contradict Slagers’ statements in the shooting. Slager was fired from the police force and is now facing murder charges.

What is still up in the air is “why did Scott run?”

There is speculation that Scott ran because he was behind on child support payments and would have been arrested and sent to jail for non-payment. How jailing someone for non-payment is going to make a person pay or somehow allows a person who is short on money to make payments is something we cannot figure out. No matter what, we should ponder the idea that Scott’s fear of going to prison over a debt led to an altercation with Officer Slager and ultimately Scott’s death.

Someone is going to have to tell us how killing a fleeing 50 year old and making his kids orphans is a good outcome when the offense is non-payment. One thing is for certain: Scott is not going to make any more child support payments now.

Our friend Walter Olsen (of the CATO Institute and and others from the CATO Institute discuss the rational and effectiveness of jailing parent who cannot afford child support below.

Good Cop, Bad Cop.

Michael Slager (left) and Walter Scott (right)  Images courtesy of NCPD and USCG.

Michael Slager (left) and Walter Scott (right) Images courtesy of NCPD and USCG.

Except in relatively rare cases, no one wakes up in the morning thinking that their life will end that day. No one thinks that they will end the life of someone that day either.

Yet last Saturday in Charleston, South Carolina, Officer Michael Slager shot and killed Walter Scott. There is no doubt that Slager killed Scott. There is horrific video of the shooting and the aftermath. There is dashcam video that adds to the narrative as well. A second dash cam has come out now as well.

We are a society in which we are quick to judge that is what is happening here in this case. Many people are using the video of the shooting as another example of cops out of control. Some are claiming this is another example of white cops “executing” black men. Many people are saying that if you run or resist arrest, you should expect to be killed by the police. (For the record, merely running from the police does not allow them to legally shoot you.)

We don’t know what was in the mind of Walter Scott when he ran. We don’t know what was in the mind of Officer Slager as he fired the shots that killed Scott.

From the way it looks now, we have to say that things are bleak for Slager. If what shows on the video(s) is what happened during the incident, Slager should go to jail.

And rightfully so.

On the flip side of the coin, take a look at this video from a dash cam. The video is from 2013 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. An officer pulls over a car and asks for identification from the passenger.

Things go downhill from there.

Everyone Is Under Investigation.

Smart-License-ROHVia Walter Olsen over at the blog comes the story of relatively new police technology that allows police to scan, read and check license plates against a database.

“License Plate Readers” (LPR’s) are cameras mounted on a police vehicle. Every time the camera sees a license plate, it scans the image and enters the license plate into a database. The cameras and the technology allows police to scan thousands of license plates and hour without ever lifting a finger. When the LPR has a “hit” on a plate that has been reported stolen, matches someone driving without insurance, has a warrant, etc., the police officer is alerted and they can pull the alleged miscreant over.

The technology has gotten so good that the systems can see through different weather conditions and even at night. Nothing but the on / off switch stops the camera from recording license plates, where they were seen, and the time of day. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a road, highway, parked in a parking lot, parked in your driveway, or parked along the street, the LPR will scan the license plate at an average rate of 60 license plates per second. Cities have been known to mount the LPR’s on every street that comes into the city to be able to track people coming and going. As part of investigations, police can use the data to track the movements of cars and their drivers. If the police suspect someone of dealing or buying drugs, they can use the data to track locations where the deals may be made. A sales video from Vigilant Solutions shows how software can track people using the data from a LPR.

Sounds like a great crime fighting tool, doesn’t it?

The problem is that LPR’s scan and keep data on every license plate they “see.”

Good Cops, Bad Cops.

An officer of the Webster, Massachusetts is suddenly an internet star after a video was posted by someone trying to show the officer had a “me, not thee” attitude. Watch for yourself:

Looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? A cop parked in a handicapped spot? A cop saying he can park and do whatever he wants?

For a moment, put yourself in the position of the officer. You get picked to make a run for food for people at the station and as you are coming out, someone with a camera rolls up on you, giving you a hard time. How would you react?

For us, it would pretty much be like the cop reacted especially since the cop was in the right.


The video doesn’t give the whole story and even worse, the cop was parked legally.

Here is a picture of the parking lot:

(image courtesy Webster Police Department)

(image courtesy Webster Police Department)

The arrow shows where the cop was parked. Notice that there are no signs indicating that the spot is for handicapped parking as required by law.

The Webster Police Department’s Facebook page has more of the details:


The officer is still getting a lot of nasty comments because when asked “so you can do whatever you want?” the cop says “yeah…” and the rest of his answer is muffled because the person filming talks over the officer and doesn’t appear to want to hear the answer anyway. But what if the rest of the answer the cop gave is “….within the law, yeah, I can do whatever I want – just like you can.” No one should have a problem with that type of an answer and we certainly don’t have issues with it here.

The bottom line is that someone decided to make a video to make a cop look bad, and in the process, made themselves look like idiots.

Enjoy your BigMac in the blissful knowledge that you were in the right, Officer.

Contrast that officer to the police out in Portland, Oregon.

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