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AF Branco at Comically Incorrect weighs in on the Wednesday night CNBC GOP debate:


Also yesterday, there was another document dump of emails from the illegal Clinton server:

The new release of Clinton emails — the largest batch of messages made public since State began posting the messages online to comply with a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit — revealed more about Clinton’s knowledge of embassy security issues and provided a window into lighter moments like Clinton being instructed in the use of emojis.

Friday’s document release is the sixth of its kind and with it, more than half of the messages Clinton turned over to the agency from her private email account and server have now been made public. In the new batch, State deemed 268 emails classified at the lowest classification tier, according to spokesman John Kirby, who said that none of these emails “were marked classified at the time they were sent or received.” There are now between 600 and 700 emails newly marked as classified since the releases began in May.

Interestingly, some of the emails went to the White House and to President Obama.

Pork In Government.

(image courtesy of "Giggles the Pig For Flint Mayor Facebook page)

(image courtesy of “Giggles the Pig For Flint Mayor Facebook page)

Can we talk about pork in government?

Or rather, can we talk about pork in government that we could believe in and support?

Let us introduce you to Giggles the pig (seen above.) Photogenic, isn’t she?

Giggles is running for mayor of the town of Flint, Michigan.

(Yes, really. A pig is running for mayor.)

The Facebook page “Giggles the Pig for Flint Mayor” gives the reason:

I have been asked a lot of questions about Giggles running for Mayor, so I’ll explain it one time–and then we can get back to the fun. It started because one of the city council members, who was convicted of murder, announced he was running for mayor. I am pretty forgiving, but it I am really strongly opposed to murder—and think electing a mayor who was convicted of murder sends a bad message about our city. Not to mention the embarrassing letters he has written about Flint. We also have a mayoral candidate who was recently convicted for driving his car while drunk on the highway with three flat tires—while driving the wrong direction on the highway. This same mayoral candidate has been thrown out of council meeting because he cannot behave himself. Flint deserves better candidates than this. While reading about these people it occurred to me that Giggles would be a more dignified candidate—and I’m right.

The man behind the campaign is lawyer Michael Ewing who has met all the legal requirements for Giggles to be on the ballot including a campaign committee. A few weeks ago, Giggles got a huge boost in her chances when it was announced that the Mayor’s election would be a write-in affair. There won’t be any printed ballots with the names of candidates because the City of Flint screwed up the filing dates:

Obamanomics: The Dismal Record.

The economy is suffering from the weakest recovery since the end of World War II, in large part because President Obama has increased the burden of government. This CF&P Foundation mini-documentary also contrasts the economy’s anemic performance under Obamanomics with the strong expansion under Reaganomics.


“All Politics Is Local.”

“All politics is local” was a sentiment offered up by former Speaker of the House Thomas “Tip” O’Neil. The idea is that even on the large stage of national politics, one must think of how decisions affect people locally.

The corollary to this must be “from local politics grow national decisions.”

To illustrate, let us talk about for a moment a small town in Florida – our home town. With a population of around 10,000, the town suffers from an identity crisis of sorts. Too big to be a “small town” and not big enough to be a “big city,” the town and its citizens are a good mix of blue and white collar workers who generally look out for each other.

In short, it is a nice place to live.

Unfortunately, there are people that get elected that want to transform the city into what they believe the city should be. Such a vision involves money – taxpayer money.

For example, the city council decided to make it mandatory for all commercial businesses having signs along a street had to change to so called “monument signs.” No longer would signs on a pole or other supports be allowed. The only types of signs permitted would be in massive concrete and brick “monuments.” (Think cemetery headstones on steroids.) The cost for the new monument signs was split between the owner of the store and city money, part of which was obtained through a grant from the Federal Department of Transportation.

In a depressed economy, the city mandated spending taxpayer dollars and revenues from stores to go to new signage.

As far as we can determine, in the last year any proposal requiring the expenditure of money from the city has been passed.

Not surprisingly, the city finds itself in financial trouble. There seem to be but two options – cut spending or increase taxes. Increasing taxes is not popular as people have seen their home values and incomes drop over the past years. That leaves spending cuts.

One of the things being looked at is the services of the fire department and the police. The town does not have much crime, and in fact in the last 23 years, there has been one killing, and that happened last year.

Democrats – Protecting Unnecessary Racist Laws.

We would hope that every conservative reading this blog would agree that “Jim Crow laws” were an affront to what this country was founded upon, the result of the Civil War, and the 14th Amendment. Republicans, starting before the Civil War have long fought against racial inequities.

(For a deeper look into this rich history of Republicans fighting for equal rights, we suggest that you read our friend Steve Bussey’s article “A Conversation About Race,” as well as visit one of our favorite websites, “Grand Old Partisan,” where you can read daily a different fact about Republicans and race.)

In a practical sense, Federal law has made the Jim Crow laws moot. We no longer allow “white only” water fountains, or “blacks on” bathrooms. State sponsored and state mandated segregation needed to be ended and wiped from the law books of the land.

That sentiment was what drove Republicans in the Alabama Senate to propose legislation stripping Jim Crow laws from the Alabama Constitution. Even though the laws were no longer enforceable, they were still on the books.

Step Up to the Microphone

On Saturday, President Obama delivered his weekly radio address to the nation.

Well, that isn’t entirely true. He had taped the address before going golfing for the rest of the day.

The topic of the address was “Women’s History Month Highlights the President’s Resolve to Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.” You can read the transcript of the address, download an mp3 file if you want to listen the address and if you want to see the video of the address, you can get that too.

Our friend William Teach over at Pirate’s Cove does a good job hitting on the point that with all the things that are going on in the world, Obama discusses women’s pay, and then golfs.

That is staggering.

Even A Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut Sometimes

Once in awhile, a blind squirrel will find a nut.

A stopped clock is right twice a day.

No one is wrong all of the time.

Such is the case with the Obama administration and Homeland Security’s decision to push back the implementation of the so called “Real ID” requirements for state issued driver’s licenses and ID cards. The law would have taken effect starting May 11, 2011. Anyone who did not have an ID that met the requirements set forth in the 2005 Real ID Act would have been denied access to federal buildings and prohibited from flying.

The fact that this law was proposed back in 2005 when the Republicans had control of Congress and signed by President George Bush adds salt to the wounds of any true Conservative.

What were they thinking?

Teacher’s Unions Explained

I came across this while visiting another site.

Simply brilliant.

We’ve added the creators, to the list of our friends and “Com-Patriots.”

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