One Step Closer….

If one looked at the scores of the NCAA Lacrosse Semi-Finals today, they would have seen finals of 7 – 5 and 16 – 10.

Knowing the styles of the teams, one would have thought the the score of the Loyola vs. Notre Dame game was 16 – 10, and the Maryland vs. Duke game was 7 – 5.

As it turned out, one would be wrong.

Somehow in the past week, the Maryland team was taken over by pod people and ran the Duke Blue Devils out of the stadium 16 – 10. You read that right. Maryland scored 16 goals in a game. Maryland had scored 16 goals twice previously this year: 16 goals against Marist and 17 against Georgetown. With all due respect to those fine schools, neither are Duke.

The 16 goals Maryland put on the board against Duke was the most Duke had allowed all year.

We were shocked.

Maryland took 29 shots and scored 16 times. That is an obscene 53% scoring rate.

Maryland now faces in state rival Loyola on Monday at 1 PM.

No matter what, the lacrosse champions will be from the Free State and can celebrate with steamed crabs.

We here at Raised on Hoecakes wish to congratulate Loyola on their fine season and reaching the finals. However, we sincerely hope they lose and our beloved Terps will be crowned champions.

Fear the Turtle!

There Is A God.

We were beginning to worry.

You see, when Maryland stunned Hopkins last week in the NCAA Lacrosse tournament, we were worried how the semi-final game of Maryland vs. Duke would fit into our schedule. There were two possible game times – 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM. The problem is that a 2:30 PM game would be right in the middle of appearing on the Steve Bussey Radio Experience.

We had to pray for the 5:00 PM game.

Thankfully, our prayers were answered and the Maryland vs. Duke game is at 5:00 PM.

This will be the third time this year the Terps and the Blue Devils have met. After beating Duke 10-7 at College Park in March, the Terps lost to Duke in the ACC Tournament in April by a score of 6-5. We have to say that the two teams do not reflect the teams that played in March – they are both much better. To some extent, they are not the same two teams that played in the ACC Tournament. Duke has turned on the jets and loves to run even more than they did. Maryland has adopted more or a slow down approach with a clamp down defense.

When you look at the stats, the game is as close as can be, given each teams strengths and propensities.

We believe shots will be at a premium for this game which means the goalies will probably hold the key to the game.

It should be a good one. At stake is a spot in the Championship game on Monday against the winner of the Loyola vs. Notre Dame game.

Living Large As A Turtle.


After the radio show yesterday we scooted on home and watched the recording of the Maryland vs. Hopkins NCAA lacrosse quarterfinal game.

Final score: Maryland 11 Hopkins 5.

On to the semi-finals!

Maryland played a type of game that lacrosse fans do not like. The Terps slowed the pace down while incurring 13 stall warnings for the game. Lacrosse is known as the “fastest game on two feet,” but the game seemed a little more like the “fastest games turtles play.” How slow was the game? Not only did Maryland receive all those stall warnings, Hopkins had only 16 shots, the lowest total in its NCAA Tournament history that spans 40 years and 99 games.

But this game was more than just about the pace.

Unofficial time-of-possession stats, according to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times, had Maryland with a roughly 2-to-1 advantage, thanks to the Terps winning the groundball (26-15), face-off (12-8 and turnover (Hop had 14 to UM’s 10) battles.

Additionally, Hopkins cleared just 14-of-21, down from their 89% rate on the season.

This was the Maryland team fans had wanted to see all year. Their passes were crisp and on target. Best of all the defense, led by goalie Niko Amato, were outstanding. Hopkins is a little deeper and more talented than Maryland, and the Maryland defenders never let the Hopkins’ offense breathe.

It is a good day in Turtleland.


Today we’ll be back on the air as part of the Steve Bussey Radio Experience on WMEL between 2 and 4 PM EDT. You can catch the show locally, on the internet, or even on your smartphone. With so many ways of listening, it is inexcusable if you don’t. Give us a call at (321) 631-1300 and sound off on what you think.

Unfortunately, the show takes place on the same day of the NCAA Quarterfinals games in lacrosse. The two games today at the Navy Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland are my beloved Maryland Terps playing rival Johns Hopkins at 12:00 noon. The second game is Denver and number one seed Loyola at 2:30 PM.

Of course, the times means that we will be at the radio station while the games are being played.

We hope you understand the depths of our sacrifices to bring you a quality radio show.

On Sunday, the games shift north to Philadelphia with defending champion Virginia playing Notre Dame at noon, and Colgate playing Duke at 2:30 PM.

But for us, the big game is Maryland vs. Hopkins.

Last week, Hopkins stomped all over Stony Brook 19 – 9, in a game that was more of a blowout then the score reflects.

The Maryland vs. Lehigh game last Saturday was much closer. After racing out to a 6-1 lead, Lehigh came storming back to lead 8 – 6 at the start of the fourth quarter. Maryland came back to tie the game at 9 – 9 with 6:42 laft in the game.

2012 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Seeds Announced. Let The Fun Begin!

It’s time for May Madness when the Division I NCAA Lacrosse Championship tournament begins this coming weekend. Sixteen teams will be fighting to make it to Foxborough, Massachusetts for Championship Weekend May 26 – 28, 2012.

We have to say the game has come a long way since we first started playing it. We used to listen to the championship game on the radio and if we were lucky, ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” would carry an abbreviated version of the game to or three weeks after the game was played.

Now the CBS Sports Network and the ESPN Family of Networks carry games throughout the season. ESPN will be telecasting every game of the tournament live, including the championship game on Memorial Day. The exposure has helped the sport grow to the point where it has the largest live attendance for a championship game in the entire NCAA.

We never thought we’d see that happen.

Here are the first round matchups for the tournament including the times and networks where you can watch the games:

Terps vs Devils – The ACC Lacrosse Tournament Begins.

Today the ACC Lacrosse Tournament begins with our beloved #8 ranked Maryland Terrapins taking on the #3 ranked Blue Devils of Duke at Klockner Stadium on the University of Virginia campus.

Maryland beat Duke earlier this year 10 – 7 at a game that was played in College Park. It is fair to say that both teams barely resemble the teams that faced off against each other that April Saturday.

Duke has won their last 8 straight and is definitely on a roll. Maryland has struggled this year and seems to generally play to the level of their competition. Last week’s win against Johns Hopkins was not only a much needed victory, but finally the defense managed to play a complete game, holding Hopkins to only one goal in the second half. Maryland is going to have to play that well against the Blue Devils to come away with a victory in today’s game.

The game begins at 5:00 PM, and can be seen on ESPNU, as well as being heard on The game can also be followed using Gametracker, so you can follow the game surreptitiously while at work. Just don’t tell your boss that we told you do so.

The nightcap (also known as the JV game – JUST KIDDING!) has North Carolina taking on Virginia. Both teams are ranked and this too should be a good game that you can watch on ESPNU.

Enjoy the games and remember to Fear the Turtle!

Maryland Terps Uniforms Don’t Help Team Play Better.

This past Wednesday, the University of Maryland – my beloved Terps – announced the uniforms they would be wearing on Saturday against Temple.

Once again, “ugly” is not strong enough of a word to describe the “costume de jour.”

In a previous post we had a comment saying the new collection of attire for the football team shows “Maryland pride.”

That “pride” went out and laid a gigantic egg in the Temple game.

Going in, Maryland was 6 – 0 against Temple all time. In the last two games, the Terps had won by a combined 54 points.

On Saturday, the Terps lost 38 – 7.

How bad was this debacle?

Temple led 21-0 with just over 11 minutes elapsed, boosted the margin to 31-0 at halftime and played conservatively to the finish. It was 38-0 before the Terrapins got their only score, on a touchdown pass by backup quarterback C.J. Brown with 4:31 remaining.

[Maryland quarterback Danny] O’Brien was 17-for-33 for 153 yards and an interception, and he also absorbed his first three sacks of the season. The running game produced only 45 yards, and the defense allowed scores on all five of Temple’s first-half possessions.

The Terrapins had a tough day on special teams, too. Maryland had a punt blocked for the first time since 1999 and missed an opportunity to get a comeback going in the second quarter by roughing the kicker on a fourth-and-14 punt at the Temple 16.

When Ralph Friedgen left the Maryland program last year, he did not leave the cupboard bare. In 2010, Maryland finished the season 9–4, 5–3 in ACC play and were invited to the Military Bowl where they defeated East Carolina 51–20. Friedgen was let go for a variety of reasons, probably the most of which was the Terps were failing to excite the community. This was evident when the Terps were selected to go to the Military Bowl while other ACC teams with lesser records went to better bowls. Quite simply, in the jargon of “bowl-speak,” the Terps don’t “travel well.”

We are not going to sit here and blame new head coach Randy Edsall and his staff entirely for what has happened so far in this season. A new coach and new systems take time. After all, look at the Florida Gators and how poorly they have done with their first year coach. (Okay, maybe Florida has a higher level of talent than they Terps.) Yet it seems to us that the uniforms – those gawd awful, help me I’m blinded, Oregon Ducks East uniforms – are more of a distraction than anything.

How bad of a distraction?

Terps Uni’s – The Story May Be Worse Than We Imagined.

There is little doubt that the University of Maryland football uniforms are ugly. The uniforms the Terps wore on Monday lowered the definition of “hideous” to a new level.

People have commented the uniforms look like a cross between the defunct XFL and CFL uniforms.

Maybe a better comparison would be a combination of XFL and roller derby uniforms.

And yes, we meant roller derby uniforms.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the helmets of the Terps and the Charm City Rollers – an all female roller derby squad – have helmets that are strikingly similar.

But at least one corner of Baltimore reacted with a dismayed pang of recognition: for the Charm City Roller Girls All-Stars team, the Terps’ new helmet looks much like the one they’ve been using for the past three years.

“They’re not identical, but they’re shockingly similar,” said Hillary “Rosie the Rioter” Rosensteel, the roller derby team’s captain.

Both helmets are patterned after the Maryland State flag and contain gold, black, red and white elements.

The Charm City Roller Girls’ All-Stars team has been using their helmets inspired by the state flag for three years. Ray Baranowski, who’s married to player Holly “GoHardley” Baranowski designed them.

As we noted earlier, there is no such thing as “bad publicity,” but if the Charm City Rollers pursue some sort of claim against Maryland and Under Armour, the reputations of both will go down. Certainly the reputation of Under Armour will suffer as they promote themselves to be leaders and originators of design and products in the sport market.

Whether that design leadership entailed copying an existing helmet design is not for us to say, but it certainly adds another chapter to the tale of the gawd awful unis.

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