Tennis Anyone?

(We received the following from a reader of Raised on Hoecakes.)

Former Satellite Beach resident Andi Porter moved to Kanab, Utah in order to support her husband whose job took him to the area. A community volunteer here in Satellite Beach, Porter took up the cause of introducing tennis to children in her new town.


Ms. Porter is reaching out to folks in Satellite Beach to help continue her mission.

Kane Kids Community Tennis – For Love of the Game

Not since the 970’s has there been an established tennis program in Kanab (a relatively isolated town in southern Utah). Therefore, a generation and their children have had little or no exposure to tennis. In 2008. a grassroots effort in Kanab was launched to reintroduce tennis to the Kane County Community. In the summer of 2009, using equipment and clothing generously donated in Satellite Beach, Florida and a volunteer instructor, 13 eager kids hit the courts in Kanab. Guess what- it worked!!!

Since 2009 we have introduced over 100 kids to a new sport, provided 310 volunteer on court instructional hours and received 4 small grants to equip all players with correctly sized racquets, balls, hats and water bottles. 2013 promised to be our biggest year yet. We are expanding the program two-fold by offering tennis to the kids of the Valley (a very small rural area about 20 miles north of Kanab.)

If you are interested in helping Ms. Porter in getting kids involved in a new sport, please consider donating to Kane Kids Community Tennis. Just print out the donation form and send cash, a check or a money order to the program.

For a donation of $20, you’ll receive an official Kane Kids Community Tennis “Retiree.” (seen below) Each “retiree” is hand crafted by local area artists and craftspeople in and around Kane. A donation of $100 will have a “family” of three “retirees” come to live with you and for $500, an entire “community” of “retirees” will come your way.


We always think that things like this are a matter of choice. For one week of doing without Starbucks, you can help a community get a kid off the couch, out into the fresh Utah air and learning the great game of tennis.

Who knows? One day you may be able to say “I supported the Wimbledon champion when they lived in Utah.”

Or you can be content with knowing that you did something that affected someone’s life in a positive way.

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