The Brevard County “Gestapo.”

Wayne Ivey is NOT the head of the “Gestapo.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We have been told that there might be some confusion as to whether we are saying that the Brevard County Deputies and therefore Wayne Ivey are or acted like the “Gestapo.” We want to make this clear because even though we say it in this post, some people are missing what we are saying. Claiming that Brevard County Deputies in their arrest of Janice Crisp were somehow, as she claims, “the Gestapo” is not only wrong, it is an insult to those who suffered at the hands of the real Gestapo during the Nazi Germany era. Crisp’s claim is factually wrong and morally reprehensible. Hopefully this clears up any comprehension issues.)

When we went back and reviewed the footage of the arrest of Janice Crisp and associate prior to a Brevard School Board meeting, we realized that we had missed something. Something which is important in our eyes.

As Crisp is being led away, she calls the officers the “Gestapo.”

From here on out, Crisp has lost the discussion and debate on masking or whatever point she was trying to make. One theoretical reason is what is called “Godwin’s law:”

Godwin’s Law is an internet adage that is derived from one of the earliest bits of Usenet wisdoms, which posits that “if you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazis within a discussion thread, you’ve automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in.”


While Godwin’s Law was originally conceived for the Usenet newsgroup discussions, the humorous rule remains just as applicable today in any threaded online discussion, such as message boards, chat rooms, comment threads and wiki talk pages. Since the dawn of online discussions, Godwin’s Law has been used as an indicator of whether a thread has gone on too long, who’s playing fair and who’s just slinging mud and who finally gets to “win” the discussion.

The “law” has expanded to also mean that the first person who makes a comparison to Hitler or Nazis looses the argument because such comparisons are wildly inaccurate and hyperbole. It is akin to “playing the race card.” People that cannot debate or discuss issues have to attack people with whom they disagree rather than offering rational thought.

The second thing that struck us is whether she actually means that the Deputies of the Brevard County Sheriffs Office are actual Gestapo agents of some type. It’s a horrible analogy or accusation, going far beyond even the obvious.

Crisp was legally arrested for breaking the law. She was taken to jail, booked, and a bond was set by a judge. ($500 for each offense or $1000 total.)

The Gestapo in Nazi Germany was nothing like that.

Gestapo agents had the power to determine people’s fates. Individual agents could choose to be lenient. They could let people go, dismiss cases, or issue warnings and fines.

But Gestapo agents could also choose to be ruthless. They could detain someone in prison indefinitely or condemn someone to a concentration camp. The only monitoring of these decisions came from within the Gestapo itself.

The BCSO Deputies did not detain her indefinitely. They did not choose to send Crisp to a detention or concentration camp.

Not the ID of a BCSO Deputy Sheriff, no matter what Crisp claims

Comparing the Deputies who arrested her to the Gestapo is not only over the top and insulting, it shows a complete lack of any type of historical knowledge.

Yet the hole Crisp dug gets deeper.

Crisp is a noted supporter of Representative Randy Fine and Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

We cannot speak for Fine, who has used the treatment of Jews as political points in the past, but we would think that even he would have issues with equating Brevard County Sheriff Deputies to Gestapo agents in Nazi Germany who helped send six million people to their deaths.

Furthermore, if Crisp’s accusation is correct, that would mean that Sheriff Wayne Ivey is the head of the Brevard County Gestapo.

If that is the case, then why has Crisp supported Ivey in the past?

Why would Fine support and be best buddies with Ivey?

This is not to say that we have not had our disagreements with Ivey and with Fine for that matter.

Even with those disagreements, never have we called either of them “Nazis”, “the Gestapo,” or “Nazi supporters.”

We don’t see any benefit to that, and more importantly, it cheapens the horrors of the actual Nazi regime and horrors committed by the Gestapo under that regime.

Locally, we see Crisp’s outburst as causing a ripple effect:

1) If she believes that Deputy Sheriffs and the BCSO are the “Gestapo,” why has she supported the Sheriff and his office and officers in the past? (And will she denounce him now?)

2) If Sheriff Ivey and the Deputy Sheriffs are the “Gestapo,” why is Representative Fine such good friends with Ivey? Is Fine a Gestapo collaborator? If so, why has Crisp supported Fine in the past? (And will she denounce him now?)

As we said, Janice Crisp’s knowledge of the law is suspect in so many ways that we cannot list them all. For some time now she has tried to gin up support for certain causes. It seems that she views herself as some sort of “Donald Trump Lite” without the knowledge, success, and intelligence to back it up.

We cannot help but think that Crisp and others set this up as a sort of protest – the type of protest that she and others have decried in the past.

If Crisp wanted to make a scene and get arrested, she got what she wanted.

We believe that intelligent people – those who believe in actual debate and discussions – should distance themselves in associating themselves with her.

What we do not need in this country, much less in Brevard County, are more childish antics of someone who can’t even follow the logical conclusions of her own accusations.

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