The Denninghoff Memo.

There has been an ongoing conflict between the City of Palm Bay and Brevard County concerning the “exchange to nowhere” and the connecting roads.

During the last City Council meeting on February 6, Palm Bay Councilmen ripped into the County on a variety of issues.

However, a week before that, on January 29, Brevard County Assistant Manager and head of the Development and Environmental Services Group, had sent an email to the City of Palm Bay and specifically to Deputy City Manager Suzanne Sherman as to the state of the negotiations between the City and the County.

The email was referenced at last Tuesday’s County Commission meeting in a discussion concerning the negotiations with Palm Bay on the proposed inter-local agreement. (ILA)

What caught our ear was the fact that the email implies the negotiations were a “sham” when viewed from the point of view of the County.

We decided to ask for the email which is found below.

Two comments from Denninghoff stuck out to us:

Based on your latest comments, many of the items we seem to have had an understanding about would be deleted, rendering the draft ILA little more than a sham seemingly designed to get the County to issue a permit which allows construction of a substandard and inadequate intersection.

I would hope that we can work through this but my confidence in this regard has been seriously shaken if not chilled and I am not sure what comes next.

It seems also noteworthy that the City proposes a guardrail in a situation where the guardrail would not meet standards for road construction.

The City of Palm Bay finds itself in a bit of a pickle. It made a commitment to this connector due to the wishes of a developer, and now the whole road / connector / infrastructure has blown up in their faces and they are trying to get out of it.

It is troublesome in negotiations when one side agrees to one thing and then in the next round, pulls out of the agreed upon points. Nothing will ever get done that way. Frankly, we wonder if that is the strategy of the City all along. Right now with all of the corruption being exposed, it makes sense for the City to say “don’t look at us! Look at what the County is doing!” That’s the way that politics work. No one taking responsibility for anything.

In the end, the citizens will foot the bill of this mess. The politicians will smile and glad hand for the cameras while the people paying the bills will wonder how the politicians can be so shameless.

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