The Little Drummer Boy – Four Versions.

The classic Christmas song “The Little Drummer Boy” has been around in many versions since it was written by Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941. The first group to record the song was The Trapp Family Singers in 1951 (yes, THOSE Trapp Family Singers portrayed in the Sound of Music.) You can listen to that version here if you wish.

For years our favorite version of the song has been one that is performed by the CCM group White Heart (see below.) It was unlike anything we had ever heard of before, featuring the vocals of Rick Florian who had such a mind blowing range and power.

Last year we found an “African Tribal”version. (See below.)

This year we stumbled upon a version by the group “for King and Country.” It is interesting on many levels and if nothing else, will wake you up this Monday as you head back to work. We like it and hope you do too.

The White Heart version:

And finally the African Tribal version performed by Alex Boye’ and featuring the Genesis Choir.

Four versions of the same song. That’s what makes music so wonderful. There is a style that can speak to everyone – especially this time of the year.

What a great way to kick off the week, eh?

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