The Milky Way And A Note On Flo.

How cool is this?

This zoom video sequence starts with a broad view of the Milky Way. We then dive into the dusty central region to take a much closer look. There lurks a 4-million solar mass black hole, surrounded by a swarm of stars orbiting rapidly. We first see the stars in motion, thanks to 26 years of data from ESO’s telescopes. We then see an even closer view of one of the stars, known as S2, passing very close to the black hole in May 2018. The final part shows a simulation of the motions of the stars.

Wow. Just wow.

As a side note, we have friends and readers who are in the projected path of Hurricane Florence. It looks like this thing is going have a massive hit on the East coast somewhere in the Carolinas or Virginia area. We hope everyone up there is getting prepared and evacuating when needed as well hunkering down when appropriate.

Good luck. We’ll be praying for you.

See ya on the flip side.

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