The Police And Protestor Problem.

In Portland, so called “peaceful protestors” from Antifa and BLM cut off a pig’s head, placed it on top of an American flag, put a police hat on the head, and then set the whole thing on fire.

(There is nothing “peaceful” about arson.)

Nothing says “we appreciate good cops and want bad cops gone” like burning pigs heads.

Imagine for a moment that you are a cop. How would you feel and more importantly, aren’t you on higher alert for those who might seek to harm you and your family?

It’s understandable to react that way.

In this case you have the “anti-cop” or “we hate all cops” movement making things worse with a threat to cops. Such actions don’t make any situation better.

On the other side of the coin, is an example of a bad cop in Detroit who shot two dogs, lied about it on a report, and lied about it again on another report.

The body camera footage shows several members of the Detroit Police Department’s Gang Intelligence unit executing a narcotics search warrant. As [Officer] Miller enters a hallway while clearing the house, a black pit bull comes out of a room and advances toward Miller before he fires his shotgun at it, mortally wounding the animal. But the dog was neither growling nor barking.

A second pit bull enters the hallway. Miller yells at it, and the dog runs back into another room before emerging again and standing next to the corpse of the first dog. It is not barking, growling, or moving toward Miller when he fires at it.

In a “destruction of animal” report that Miller filed after the raid, obtained by Reason through a public records request, the officer claimed that he “observed a black pit bull and a tan pit bull showing his teeth, charging, and attempting to bite crew.” In a separate incident report, Miller embellished a little more, writing that “a large black pitfall came charging at me down the hallway from the northwest bedroom. I fired two shots…neutralizing the threat. While still in the hallway, a second brown pit bull came charging down the hallway towards me.”

Miller’s supervising officers, all the way up the chain of command, signed off on the shooting and found that he followed department policy. But after Horne and the arrested man filed a complaint, the Detroit Police Department’s Citizen Complaint Subcommittee investigated the incident. After reviewing Miller’s body cam footage, it found that the video “did not show the dogs acting in an aggressive manner.”

“At no time did any of the dogs charge at the officers, growl or try to bite them,” the subcommittee wrote in its report. In a rare occurrence, the police department declared that the shooting was unjustified and violated the department’s policies regarding dogs.

The lawsuit filed from this incident against the Detroit Police Department resulted in a settlement of $75,000 to the owner of the dead dogs. That’s $75k of taxpayer money.

If you want to watch the shooting, it was recorded on officer’s body cameras.


(The dog shooting begins at the 3:00 mark.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: We noticed and received several emails saying the video has been pulled by YouTube. We are looking for other sources but as yet have not been able to find any. We apologize, but we are at the mercy of the YouTube censors.

Giving officer Miller the benefit of the doubt on the first dog who does come toward him but is not growling or barking, the second, tan dog did nothing that Miller alleged.

There are two thoughts we have concerning this:

1) If Miller was willing to lie on reports not once but twice concerning his shooting of the dogs, how willing or prone to lying would Miller be if the shooting involved a human being?
2) Did the supervisors who signed off on the reports and the incident watch the video? Even a cursory glance shows Miller was not telling the truth. Are the supervisors charged with making an investigation that incompetent? Or are they part of a “blue wall” where they won’t say anything bad about a cop?

Our point here is a simple one:

Because, like in any profession, there are police who misrepresent the truth, protesters use that to paint all cops as being horrible people and then they threaten the cops with burning pig’s head which rightfully makes the cops feel threatened and we start the whole cycle over with ever escalating violence, rhetoric and hatred.

It has to stop.

As a country, we have to separate the violent looters from the protesters just as we have to separate bad cops (and teachers, and doctors, and lawyers, etc.,) from the bad ones.

Until we stop painting entire groups with broad stokes, we will never get anywhere. We’ll never solve issues. We’ll never address concerns on both sides.

In the end, our hatred of everything will destroy us all.

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