The Politics Of COVID.

Candace Owens is one of left’s worst nightmares.

She’s black, attractive, well spoken, intelligent and has the ability to cut through leftist arguments.

Owens is also an anti-COVID vaccine advocate. We don’t think that is a smart choice as there may be legitimate reasons that one feels uncomfortable getting vaccinated now, but blanket statements in regard to changing developments and data is not a good thing in our opinion.

As part of her job, Owens flies and goes to different venues which as an unvaccinated person, requires a COVID test.

Owens scheduled a test and then the owner of the company sent her an email saying they would not do the test:

Owens wrote back:

So a business who is getting tax dollars for testing of a medical condition is refusing that service to someone who disagrees with the way COVID has been handled? The business would rather a potentially infected person walk around?

Twitter users stood up for Lee, reminding Owens that Republicans often note that private entrepreneurs have the right to conduct their business as they see fit.

“A privately owned COVID testing company refused to provide services to Candace Owens because of misinformation she has spread,” tweeted Bishop Talbert Swan. Quoting Lee’s contention about serving her being unfair to her team and their sacrifices, “That,” he maintained, “is how you take out trash, ladies and gentlemen.”

(Editor’s Note: This is how a Bishop in a alleged Christian church responds? Calling someone “trash?” Oy vey.)

Owens replied to critics, writing, “I very much believe in the freedom to choose. Just pointing out the great irony that when the ‘health employees’ begin choosing who is allowed to determine if they have covid — we are no longer in a public health crisis. Admit it. Covid is political.”

Earlier this week, Owens wrote that she is unvaccinated, has been traveling, not wearing masks and that she slept next to her husband, who had light symptoms when he was reportedly COVID positive. She has consistently spread misinformation around vaccines, mask-wearing — even death totals of the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

One Twitter user noted, “Candace Owens found out there are consequences for her actions. Karma.”

We don’t think a company that is being paid tax dollars to perform a service has the right to refuse anyone that service.

By doing so, the owner gave credence to Owens’ beliefs that COVID is more a political issue than a medical one.

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