The Results.

We know that there are other so called “experts” who are analyzing the election results from Tuesday much more and perhaps more insightfully than we ever could. Frankly, we don’t live and breath politics and every post we make is not political in nature. We have always thought we were a little more “man on the street” than the “experts” who manage to get more things wrong than we do.

The following is simply our impressions of what happened on Tuesday. It is by no means comprehensive in nature as we just don’t want to get that deep into every race. We are going to try and stick with the local, Brevard County races.


The good result here is not so much that Campbell won, but that Andy Ziegler and Dean Paterakis lost.

We can’t remember a time when two people who have constantly fought each other in a self serving manner at the expense of the public. We hope these two are consigned to the political scrap heap of Brevard County.


This is the first of our “we don’t need term limits, we need “NONE OF THE ABOVE” on the ballots” race.

Since Nye lost, we’ll just ask “where does Thad Altman live again?”


This would be the second of our “we don’t need term limits, we need “NONE OF THE ABOVE” on the ballots” races.

Smith has shown that he is not willing to stand on principles (especially the campaign promises he made running in 2014.) Most of the staff had supported Smith when he ran, but his attack on speech of citizens and wasting County Staff time on that mess pushed us over the edge. We even wrote Smith about our concerns on restricting speech but never heard back from him. We did get messages imploring us to vote for him and send money for his campaign, but never a word on his attack on the rights of people.

We had always liked Infantini’s fire when she served on the County Commission, but frankly we saw the move to Smith’s district as a bit of carpet bagging.

Several factors may have influenced this race. First, the Florida Today was firmly on the side of Smith. It is one thing for the editorial board of a newspaper to write in support of a candidate, but it is quite another for a news story to advocate for a candidate.

Secondly, we think that Isnardi was hurt by Representative Randy Fine’s PAC sending out lots of negative mailers on Smith. They were poorly done, looked cheap, and just were lazy negative attacks. We know that Isnardi could not distance herself from what Fine was doing, but we have heard from people who were turned off by the mailers and either did not vote, or voted for Smith.

We would hope Fine would learn from this, but given his past actions, somehow we doubt it.


Palm Bay is complicated in some aspects.

First, incumbent Calvin “Tres” Holton was soundly thrashed by challengers Thomas Gaume and Kenny Johnson. Holton won only one precinct, (Precinct 513,) came in second in one precinct (Precinct 320,) and in the other 14 precincts came in third – dead last. Both of the precincts in which Holton was “competitive” are extremely small with Precinct 513 having a total of 210 votes cast (Holton 76 votes, Johnson 71 votes, Gaume 63 votes) while Precinct 320 had 58 votes cast (Gaume 33, Holton 13, Johnson 12.)

The two precincts totaled 268 votes or 1.3% of the 20,200 votes cast for Seat 4 in total.

That’s a thrashing by any measure.

Holton not coming back to the Council is a good thing. Too many times Holton left other Commissioners and the staff of City Hall in the unhappy position of trying to defend one of their own for his misdeeds. Too often the silence from the dais was deafening.

We hear that Little Caesars is hiring. Perhaps Holton and John Mendoza can apply there.

So the winner for the Primary Election for Seat 4 was Kenny Johnson while Seat 5 was won by Jeff Bailey.

However, neither Johnson nor Bailey received 50% of the vote which kicks in this part of the City Charter:

5.043 Primary elections. Primary Elections shall be held on the Tuesday nine weeks prior to the general election or such other date as established by applicable general law of the state for primary elections.
(a) Should there be more than two (2) qualifying candidates for Mayor or for a given Council seat, their names will be placed on the primary ballot. The two (2) primary candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be the candidates in the general election. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes in the general election shall be declared elected to the office for which he or she was a candidate. In the event there are fewer than three (3) qualifying candidates for Mayor or for a given Council seat, their names will not appear on the primary election ballot but they will appear on the general election ballot. If a candidate for Mayor or for a given Council seat receives more than fifty percent (50%) of the vote in a primary election, then said candidate shall be declared elected to the office and no names shall appear on the general election ballot. (emphasis ours)

With Johnson getting 48.88% of the vote and Bailey getting 48.62% of the vote, Johnson will face off against Gaume in the general election and Bailey will face off against Parr.

Also, can we get a little more creative with insults? It seems that everything these days is simply “they’re a socialist,” or a “racist,” or a “misogynist,” etc. Perhaps it is social media craze where people don’t want to type much, but after awhile, you begin to think of candidates and supporters as “methinks thou dost protest too much.”

We offer two stories from Abraham Lincoln to illustrate what we are saying.

Lincoln once said of a lawyer, “He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas better than any man I ever met.”

That’s good stuff there. Even if you are on the wrong end of the barb, you have to laugh at that.

Then there is this from Lincoln during the debates with Stephen A. Douglas. Douglas had made fun of Lincoln’s humble origins and being a shop keeper. When it was his turn to speak, Lincoln said:

“I did keep a grocery, and I did sell cotton candles, and cigars, and sometimes whiskey. But I remember in those days, Mr. Douglas was one of my best customers … but the difference between us now is this: I have left my side of the counter, but Mr. Douglas still sticks to his as tenaciously as ever.”

Creative, funny and to the point.

We’d love to see that more than the inane name calling that passes for intelligence these days.

Heck, we’d love to see a debate between candidates; a real, true, honest to goodness debate where there are no questions from the audience. Just allow candidates to stand up and talk to the people and make counter points to what their opponent says. Such a debate would require candidates to be prepared on a lot of issues and to speak at length about them, and not just 1 minute answers. We’d love to see candidates engage in a conversation with each other and the audience rather than giving answers as if the other person weren’t there.

Maybe someone or some group can arrange such a debate. It would be fascinating to watch and would tell the voters more about a candidate than the current forums.

(We can dream, can’t we?)

To all those who voted on Tuesday, you should be proud of taking part in the process and exercising the rights that people around the world have fought and died for.

For all those who didn’t vote, what’s your excuse?

The journey to November continues……

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