There are “Dumb Mistakes” And Then There Are Crimes.


Via our friend William Teach over at the Pirates Cove comes the tale of Philadelphia, PA’s assistant city solicitor Duncan Lloyd.

Lloyd was out and about last Friday night with a glass of wine in his hand when inspiration struck him.

(The glass of wine in public is against the law, but hey, we are talking about a City attorney here. “Above the law” comes to mind.)

Somewhere in the recess of Lloyd’s mind came the idea to help vandalize and deface a new store.

Duncan Lloyd, an assistant city solicitor, was identified in surveillance footage that captured Lloyd and a second man walking along Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill on Nov 25. In the footage, Lloyd is seen wearing a blue blazer and holding a glass of wine, filming or taking photos, while a second man spray paints “F— Trump,” on the wall of a newly opened Fresh Market.

The police estimate the damage at $3,000 – $10,000.

When asked about the incident, Mayor Kenney said:

“It’s still working out. It’s certainly hateful and inappropriate and unacceptable…but people are human beings and they make mistakes and it’s a dumb mistake,” Kenney said. “It’s hateful graffiti, hateful graffiti is never acceptable whether it’s a city employee or not.”

Let’s be clear here. This is not a “dumb mistake.” This was and is a crime. It was a crime deliberately committed by an attorney of the City of Philadelphia who should and does know his actions were criminal. If he doesn’t know, then he is clearly incompetent and needs to be terminated on that basis alone.

Depending on if Lloyd is charged and the charges filed against him, Lloyd could be in serious trouble. If the charge is merely “prohibited conduct of damaging, defacing and inhibiting property,” Lloyd is looking at a fine of between $50 – $300, community service and restitution (either in direct payment or community service) to restore the damage.

If he is charged with 3rd Degree Felony Criminal Mischief which kicks in when the damage to the property is more than $5,000, Lloyd is could face fines, fees and up to 7 years in prison. (That won’t happen and as a first time offender, even we aren’t that heartless to hope that he spends time in jail.)

However, at the very least he should pay for the damage to the building and face additional fines and community service. The property owner should not have to pay one dime out of his pocket for this officer of the court and city employee’s willful criminal acts.

Lloyd’s supervisor had this to say:

First Deputy City Solicitor Craig Straw confirmed on Wednesday that Lloyd, who has worked for the Law Department since 2011, is one of two men in the video.

“We do not condone this type of behavior from our employees,” Straw said. “To my knowledge, Mr. Lloyd has already contacted the Philadelphia police and is cooperating with them. We will decide on a course of action once we obtain more information about the investigation.”

What possible “more information” could there be that would mitigate the firing of Lloyd? The type and year of the wine he was drinking?

William Teach sarcastically notes:

And wearing an ascot in 2016 should get him another felony charge. See the story and photos.

Part of the reason we are writing this post is the lack of action on the part of the City of Philadelphia. The other part is that we want to compare it a couple of other stories around the country.

In Talladega, Alabama, a police officer was fired for making what were deemed “racist and offensive comments” on his private Facebook page:

Talladega Police Officer Joel Husk was terminated Wednesday for violating the department’s social media and code of conduct policies, City Manager Patrick Bryant said.

Husk had posted several memes on his Facebook page, including one showing Obama and Melania Trump. “Fluent in Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German,” it said over Trump’s photo. Over Obama’s, it read: “Fluent in Ghetto.”

Husk, 37, who had been with the department for about two and a half years, had also shared a meme showing President Obama with the words: “Was Dallas a terrorist attack? Yes! Carried out by Obama’s own homegrown terrorist group!”

Another meme he shared depicted Klansmen carrying a Confederate flag. “The KKK is a hate group right? Isn’t it about time we start being honest in America . . . and admit that #blacklivesmatter is also a hate group?” it read.

We would argue that while a case can be made that Husk’s posts were against department policy, they were not against the law as were Lloyd’s actions.

In West Virginia, a mayor was forced to resign after making a comment on a Facebook post:

The Clay Town Council accepted Mayor Beverly Whaling’s resignation in a meeting late on Tuesday afternoon (local time) and said it would act quickly to name a replacement for the remaining three years of her term.

Clay County Development Corporate director Pamela Ramsey Taylor made the post following Republican Donald Trump’s election as president, saying: “It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

Whaling responded: “Just made my day Pam.”

For the record, we have heard the term “ape in heels” used to describe a woman who is not graceful when in high heels. Whaling said she was saying the Trump being elected was what “made her day” and not calling First Lady Michelle Obama “a Ape in heels” which in today’s world clearly could be taken in an race based manner.

Once again, the comment was made on Facebook and is not against the law. Whaling is gone (and perhaps rightfully so) and Lloyd still has his $63,207 job.

Finally, it appears you can’t even say something nice about someone without getting fired:

A TEXAS television reporter is out of a job after she criticised President Obama and praised President-elect Donald Trump on her personal Facebook page — claiming the country went “downhill” under the outgoing commander-in-chief.

Scarlett Fakhar said she was recently canned from her local news gig at Fox in Houston for posting last week that she was “happy and relieved” over Trump’s unexpected White House win.

Fakhar had said in the post, which has since been deleted, that Obama made the “entire county hate one another” and claimed God “had a hand” in the election. She also said she could “barely sleep from how happy and relieved she was” after Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

“Fox 26 Houston fired me today for expressing my conservative views on my private Facebook page,” Fakhar posted Thursday. “That is all I will say for you. But I want you to know how much your support has gotten me through this. God bless you all.”

Given all the support and bias in the media for Hillary and against Trump, you would think that a private Facebook page would not be an issue. So while people are terminated for speech, Lloyd is still working after committing crimes.

That doesn’t seem right to us.

Lloyd should be fired. He should be fired not for what he said on the wall, but for the crimes he committed.

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