Tim Conway.

Comedian Tim Conway passed away the other day. He was 85.

Conway was known for his role on “McHale’s Navy” where he played the role of bumbling Ensign Parker. He was also known for his outlandish series of tapes called ““Dorf On Golf”.”

In a strange sort of way, he was also known for never starring in a successful series as the lead actor. Last time we looked, he attempted his own show eight times without success.

However, most people will remember him for his appearances on the “Carol Burnett Show” where he worked as both a writer and a performer.

Conway would take great delight in writing and rehearsing scenes in one way, and then the day of filming in front of a live audience, would change his lines or actions to things that would make the rest of the cast crack up. It was one of the joys of watching the Carol Burnett Show and watching the other actors try not to laugh and break character.

Perhaps the greatest example of this is the “Elephant Story” which took over a skit and just had the cast members struggling in vain to stay in character. (That set of characters would later be spun off to the sit-com “Mama’s Family,” staring Carol Burnett alum Vickie Lawrence.)

To this day, it is hard not to watch that and not laugh.

We also love this set of clips featuring Conway and his best friend Harvey Korman at the Emmy Awards.

Conway was a brilliant comedian who made millions of people laugh over the course of his long career.

Rest in peace, Tim.

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