As we do daily, we were looking around at other blogs and seeing what they are writing and discussing.

We came upon a post where the author was talking how so many blogs were talking about “blogger burnout” and how blogging was taking a toll on them. We can sympathize. Staying at home, looking at people attacking each other all the time with seemingly no good news wears you down. We wrote the other day that a barber in Michigan be a spark that ignites a real or virtual Lexington and Concord. We also think that we have never seen people divided so much and willing to tear the country apart over the president since Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. (We are not comparing Trump to Lincoln just the attitudes toward the men to the point that politicians and some groups want them both to fail even if that means the end of the county.) Draft protests during the Civil War were often highly confrontational between regular people and the government just as protests demanding the opening of the economy are today. Foreign governments sought to interfere with the United States up to and during the Civil War, hoping the collapse of the US would allow those countries to pick at the remains like a vulture. We see the same thing today from foreign countries.

It’s history repeating itself.

A couple of nights ago we came upon a song by the group “For King and Country,” called “Together.”

It resonates.

The people in the video are not politicians, so called “leaders” or anything. They are normal people just like you and we are.

We aren’t calling for some “kumbaya” moment where we all agree to put aside all differences. That’s unrealistic. What we are saying is that we should both agree to agree and to disagree with each other without the common folk being twisted into hating each other.

Right now there are several things that we all have in common. First, and most important, we are all human beings. We bleed the same color blood. Secondly, we are in one of the greatest countries the world has ever known. Lastly, COVID-19 affects us all. It doesn’t care about race, gender, creed, political beliefs or where you are on some map. That should unite us even if we disagree on other issues.

We have seen too many posts and tweets from people wishing another would catch COVID-19 and die. That’s not who we should be.

It sounds silly in a way, but (God forbid) if COVID-19 managed to take from us every person with whom we disagree, we’d miss them. We’d miss the discussions. We’d miss the different points of view.

What we are trying to say is the we – the normal, everyday guy and gal on the street – are not the enemy and we should not be enemies.

The “enemy” is a virus that seeks to kill and destroy us. The enemy is those that would use that enemy to destroy us just as much but in different ways.

We are all in this – together.

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