Twitter Ban Hits Too Close To Home.

Our friend William Teach ovwe at the Pirate’s Cove announced in a post yesterday that Twitter had banned him.

They gave no reason.

New Twitter Account
By William Teach November 7, 2018 – 8:11 am

I got the permanent suspension from Twitter, and, of course, they do not explain why, even after asking them a second time. I’m assuming it is simply due to being a conservative.

My new account is @WTeach2, or just click here. Follow me and I’ll follow back. Have to rebuild.

The Pirate’s Cove has been around a lot of years and is one of the best sites for the cult of anthropomorphic climate change. We generally stay away from the subject because Teach has the whole thing covered and you cannot improve on perfection. (We would not want to try.)

Someday a judge is going to decide whether sites like Twitter and Facebook are a “public square” and not allow the banning of ideas that the sites find offensive because someone complained that their feelings were hurt. Teach is not one to troll or attack people in his Twitter feed which means that someone was “upset” that he disagreed with them.

Can’t have that.

People who cannot stand to hear different ideas are not capable of playing in the real world as adults.

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