Umpire Hits Player With Bat.

This happened a few days ago when Umpire Erich Bacchus is clearing the plate area of a bat and White Sox on deck batter Bobby Abreu gets hit by the bat in the knee.

The title of the video is “Umpire Mistakenly Throws & Hits Jose Abreu With A Bat! Freak Accident During White Sox Game,” which is a bit of a bad name.

Bacchus did not mistakenly throw the bat. He threw it intentionally to clear the bat from the area of play. Umpires and players don’t want bats around home plate when there is a play coming to the plate. There have been cases where players have tripped over the bat, been prevented from scoring because of a bat near the plate. You also don’t want the chance of a missed or dropped ball hitting the bat and bouncing away. Umpires clear the plate area of bats all the time.

Abreu is at fault here. A case can be made that as the on deck batter, he is doing what he is taught to do which is to get into position to signal to the running coming home which side of the plate to slide to as he can see where the throw is coming. That’s all well and good, but the umpire is following the mandate of all umpires to “keep your eyes everlastingly on the ball.” Abreu is not even watching for the bat as he gets in the way of the toss.

While this video treats the umpire well, several comments were made by writers that the toss was deliberate and the umpire was at fault. After all, how dare the umpire throw a bat out of the way into an area where there no player is standing and not anticipate the a player moving into the path of the bat?

We hope that Abreu is okay. But to blame the results of Abreu’s actions on the umpire is ridiculous.

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