As we write this, we are sitting in the home of a friend who is graciously allowing us to us his internet connection.

Why are we doing this?

It is because somehow we are caught in the AT&T U-Verse outage that has struck the southeastern United States.

We were aware there was an outage but had read the outage was from the Florida panhandle west to Texas. So when U-Verse died on us today, we were surprised.

We borrowed a friend’s cell phone but before we called AT&T, he told us that there were AT&T trucks nearby working on lines. He suggested we go talk to them before going down the joyous road of the AT&T call center. We found the trucks and talked to a couple of nice technicians. We asked if they were doing anything that would effect our service. According to them, they were not.

“Okay, cool,” we said. “I guess we are suddenly caught up in the massive U-Verse outage that has struck the southeast.”

“What outage?” they asked.

They had no clue there company was experiencing an outage affecting lots of customers.

For a communication company, AT&T is not too good at communicating.

We returned home and borrowed a friend’s cell phone and called AT&T.

After navigating through the maze of automated questions, we get to a representative who asks for the same information we had just given the mechanical voice.

She asked what the problem was and we told her our U-Verse was down. We then asked if we were part of the outage that was affecting customers. She said that we were but in case the call got cut off could she get a phone number to call us back with.

We explained that we were on a borrowed cell phone and that the other phone was our home phone number was the U-Verse phone.

“Oh,” she said, “we can use that!”

There was a bit of silence until we explained to her that we were calling about a U-Verse outage, and the phone is part of the outage.

“Well, if we get cut off I can call you using that number.”

“The service to that number is out. That is what I am calling about. If I get cut off by you, I’ll call back in.”

“It would be easier to call you,” she replied.

Oy vey.

Bottom line, the service is out, internet is out, wife is reading on her Kindle, the kids are playing games, and I am about to return home and fire up my tablet and read as well.

There are always blessings to things happening. Unfortunately, having to talk to AT&T is not one of those blessings.

We still maintain that the people who are outside and meeting customers are good folks. The inside people who can hide behind a computer? Not so much.

Have a great day!

2 Responses to “Unbelievable.”

  1. John Fergus says:

    Mr. Afterwit,

    There are blessings everywhere, even with AT&T. Their call center staff are helping you develop patience, kindness, gentleness, and self control, all fruits of the spirit, although I doubt that is the service you signed up for.


  2. Jacqueline says:

    sorry to hear of your ATT woes. We have had UVerse for about 6 mos after being fed up with Brighthouse poor quality & service. To date, we’ve had one service interruption about 3 mos ago. Otherwise, couldn’t be happier with it. We didn’t have an outage on the 24th – unless it was while I was at work so I didn’t notice it.

    The only disappointment I have with UVerse is the ability to move the TV around isn’t available in our area yet. I really wanted to take my TV wirelessly on my porch.

    We don’t have a landline so I can’t speak to any phone issues. I have noticed ATT cell service has greatly improved over the past 3 most. Previously, we would have many times of not being able to call out of our house. Now, I can’t recall the last time that happened.

    Guess I sound like a happy ATT customer – I am!