Uncovering a WWI Tank. Bob’s Your Uncle!

A Mark IV Female – D51 Deborah, was excavated at the village of Flesquieres in France, in 1999. It had been knocked out by shell-fire at the Battle of Cambrai 1917 and subsequently buried when used to fill a crater. Badly damaged and corroded when rediscovered, Deborah has been stabilised and is now housed in a small museum at Flesquieres, close to the graves of members of the crew.

The Mark IV was a beast. It could not move faster than the walking speed which made it vulnerable to both indirect and direct fire. Moreover, it was incredible loud for the crew as the engine the main guns and machine guns were all inside the crew compartment.

It is therefore somewhat poignant that “Deborah” was reunited with her crew. She deserved a better fate than being used to fill in a crater.

It’s an amazing story.

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