Under New Management.

On this first day of April, we want to let people know that the writers and management of Raised on Hoecakes have been replaced. We were able to strike a deal with the former owners to obtain the name of the site and the underlying posts, images, themes, etc.

We ask for your patience as we transition from the racist, privileged ideas of the people who ran this site to more enlightened content.

As part of this transition, we are demanding that all staff drink Coke in support of Coke’s training on “How to Be Less White.” Additionally, staffers will be required to wear masks in all meetings, including meetings on Zoom and while in the home. Employment agreements will extend this basic life preserving protection to family members in the home as well.

We will be encouraging people to buy Goodyear tires as their policies on equality matches our beliefs that all lives don’t matter. Furthermore, their stance on not allowing support of police by workers is appropriate and welcome.

We will be joining forces with other groups and sites to end the idea of “free speech,” as well as ending the Second Amendment. After all, people do not need .75 caliber fully automatic handguns that were designed to oppress people in foreign lands based on imperial, colonialist dogma of the past.

We will be making changes to the comments policy as well. Comments with which we disagree will be deleted and the commenter face banning from the site. We will not allow divergent opinions here. Comments that espouse hatred towards white males (except for President Biden) will be allowed.

We believe that these changes will make Raised on Hoecakes a more inclusionary site where we can decide who and what ideas will be welcomed and tolerated.

One Response to “Under New Management.”

  1. Percy Veer says:

    All I can say is “it’s about time”. I look forward to your new Woke policies and your efforts to trash the first amendment and promote “common sense” gun legislation. These much needed changes should immediately bring your site to the attention of all the current social media platforms and mainstream media that support “fwedom”.

    Good riddance to truth and factual reporting, all that stuff was getting pretty old and tiresome anyway. I look forward to your future local reporting that falls in line with the way we are supposed to think without having to do any critical thinking or research on my own.