University Of Florida Racism.

The University of Florida’s Anthropology Department recently held a virtual Town Hall for students.

In what is clearly a case of racism, the Town Hall specifically excluded white students.

The event was organized by two PhD. students, supported by the Department of Anthropology and held on school grounds. An email from the organizers to BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) students reads:

We have some amazing graduate students in Anthropology that are holding a virtual Town Hall tomorrow, Nov 19 4:30 p.m. to discuss future directions and goals for a BIPOC Anthropology Group (open to non-anthro BIPOC majors and minors).

To ensure this event is a safe space, organizers are asking that you reach out to them for the Zoom link. An important message from them: “We kindly remind all that you respond to this space [sic] is only for those who identify as a BIPOC individuals in this department. While we appreciate white students may want to join to learn more about the BIPOC perspective, we ask they respect this space as a chance for BIPOC students to come together as BIPOC. We cannot hide our skin color, and for this reason we already navigate the University of Florida as BIPOC surrounded by a majority white student body and faculty body. We ask white students to respect that this is a space where BIPOC students can come together without the need to perform any emotional or mental labor to explain their experiences as BIPOC. Additionally, we acknowledge colorism exists within our own BIPOC communities and therefore we kindly ask all BIPOC students to be mindful that we will be a diverse group of BIPOC students, and it is expected we will respect differences in experiences due to colorism.”

This is an easy one.

If this were a group of white Department of Anthropology students who organized a similar Town Hall but excluded people of color, the cries of “racism” would be heard far and wide and rightfully so.

The students that organized that hypothetical event would be brought up on disciplinary charges, and rightfully so.

Those students that organized that hypothetical event may have been expelled, or their academic careers suspended at the University of Florida, or some other consequences and rightfully so.

If you turn things around and say that “BIPOC’s” can exclude other people on the basis of race, you have two standards.

The fact of the matter is that you cannot end racism by promoting racism which is what this group is doing.

For their part, the University has released a statement and are looking into the event:

“The University and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences administrations recently learned of an event in the Department of Anthropology that may not have been open to students of all races and colors. Such an event is inconsistent with the University’s policies and values that foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. The University is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the event and will take appropriate action.”

We are skeptical of what action the University will take, but for now, we will accept them at their word.

No matter what, we all should agree that this type of racism is wrong.

2 Responses to “University Of Florida Racism.”

  1. Percy says:

    I liked their statement saying “that we will be a diverse group of bipoc students”. Crazy me thought the whole idea of diversity was to listen to all colors, races, and viewpoints. I guess diversity to this group means we will listen to you only if you share our views.

    You are correct, can you imagine the fallout if a group of white only diverse students tried to do this.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      It certainly is Orwellian speech when “diversity” means “exclusion.”

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.