Unmasking Idiots.

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Mendy White is the owner of Karen and Friends Beads, a bead shop in downtown Melbourne.

After staying closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, White reopened the store on May 1, 2020, she put a sign on the door saying “No entry without a mask. If you don’t have one, we do.”

White said she felt like she had no choice to reopen due to financial reasons. She laid off her entire staff, helped them get unemployment payments and began operating the store alone every single day — many of her workers were elders and vulnerable to the virus. Her 72-year old mother has many health conditions that make her immune system fragile. White said she’s been wearing face masks around her mother since long before the pandemic began.

Then this happened:

The very first day the shop reopened, White said a man who entered with his wife lifted his shirt to flash a gun when asked to put on a mask.

“I said, ‘Are you intending to shoot me over a mask?’” White said. “And I let it hang there. He said, ‘Well, I guess we don’t have to be here,’ and he left. But that could have escalated.”

The cheerful shop with walls decked in a rainbow assortment of hanging strands of beads had suddenly become a political war ground. Like many other workers during the pandemic, White has found herself unwillingly pulled into a fierce political fight over whether people should be required to wear masks inside businesses.

“I’m gonna be honest,” White said and took a deep breath. “I’m in a (expletive) bead shop. … Do you think I feel like I should have to carry a gun to come to work? It’s art. It’s craft. It’s design. It’s teaching people. … I’m not coming to a shooting range. This should be the happiest place.” notes:

Opponents of mask requirements, who are largely Conservative, say that mask laws or policies infringe upon their freedom and often don’t want to wear them because they believe the threat of the virus is overblown, that masks are ineffective or because they find them uncomfortable.

White said 70% of callers were supportive. But 30% made graphic rape and death threats, called her profane names or just argued.

“I’ve been told about three times that the gun should’ve been pulled on me,” White said Friday, while listing other threats too obscene to print.

One man Friday he was part of an “anti-masker group” and said he and 20-30 people planned to protest in front of the shop but didn’t give many details or specify a time.

“He didn’t cuss at me at least, and I didn’t cuss at him, which is shocking,” White said. “I do know how to curb it. And he, he said, ‘Look, you know, be on the lookout for us because we’re going to put you out of business.’”

We are going to say that those who are against private stores making mask requirements may claim to be conservative, but they are actually anything but.

One of the basic principles of conservatism is the idea of property rights. That means that a store like Karen and Friends Beads have the right to say “this is what we want on our property.” Just as you have the right to say what you will accept on your property, the stores and their owners have that same right.


Then these so called “conservatives” go out and make threats against people? Hope a small business goes belly up? If anything conservatives support small, local businesses and want to see them grow and flourish.

These so called “conservatives” are no different than the any other radical group they say they oppose. They have the same agenda as Antifa which is basically, “if you don’t do what we want, you’re dead.”

We acknowledge the idea that the wearing of masks is divisive in many ways. Yet the fact remains, unless you want others to control what you can say on your property; whether you can possess a weapon on your property; whether you can read a Book of Faith on you property; whether you can ask that someone wipe or remove muddy shoes before entering your home, stores have the right to say “wear a mask.”

If you are a “conservative” who supports the rights of a baker not to make a cake that is against his religious beliefs, or a videographer not to participate in events that are against their moral conscience, then you darned well better support the rights of businesses like Karen and Friends Beads to decide they want you to be wearing a mask inside of their store and on their property.

If you want your property rights to be respected by those who visit you, then respect the property rights of property owners who are store owners.

2 Responses to “Unmasking Idiots.”

  1. Bob Chadwick says:

    It’s me again. I tried to resist making a comment, but the Devil walked up behind me and pulled a gun….

    You are spot-on. If you see a sign that states “NO MASK? DO NOT ENTER” all you need to do is walk away. We have enough people running around getting offended by everything they see; we don’t need more.

    Besides, I will admit that it is difficult to tie the strings on a mask when you have your head up your (butt). And a happy day to all reading this.