VA: Sexual Orientation Over Service.

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The VA Northern Indiana Health Care System in Fort Wayne Indiana is under fire for removing the flags of the branches of the military (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard) and replacing them with an LGBT pride flag.

Such a change did not go unnoticed.

On Tuesday, through, those flags were taken down and just one was flown in their place: an LGBT pride flag.

June is celebrated as Pride month around the country.

The sight drew plenty of attention from residents and visitors to the VA. NewsChannel 15 received several questions and comments and photos from viewers.

The VA Northern Indiana Healthcare System issued the following statement:

“Logistically, we could not add a flag without removing a flag from the poles outside our VA. Rather than single out one military branch’s flag to be temporarily replaced with the LGBT flag, we chose to remove all of them for one day in order to show our dedication to serving all Veterans equally.”

Think about that statement for a moment. “We chose to remove all of them for one day in order to show our dedication to serving all Veterans equally.”

Someone thought it was a signal of “serving all Veterans equally” by instead of honoring all vets with the flying of the service flags, and replacing them with a flag that “honors” 2.5% – 5% of people?

That makes no sense to us. None.

You don’t take down the flags that honor all to honor one subset group. Instead of showing a commitment of “serving all Veterans equally,” what the VA did was show that one subgroup is deserving of preferential treatment at the expense of the whole team.

That’s not what the military is about. Political statements are not what the VA is supposed to be about.

The service flags were back up by the end of the day, but that doesn’t address the issue that the flags never should have been removed and replaced at all.

(image courtesy WANE)

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2 Responses to “VA: Sexual Orientation Over Service.”

  1. yuleeyahoo says:

    All veterans are equal, but apparently some are more equal than others.

  2. Lee says:

    Ditto yuleeyahoo.

    WTH happened to our society?